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Up to 50,000 gallons of wastewater leaked into Lake LBJ from busted KMUD line

Wastewater leaks into Lake LBJ

Crews are finishing up work August 16 on a wastewater line replacement that goes through Lake LBJ near the RR 1431 bridge in Kingsland after the previous one began leaking. The Kingsland Municipal Utility District became aware of a leak in late July. Up to 50,000 gallons of wastewater might have poured into the lake. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

A leak in a Kingsland Municipal Utility District line has resulted in up to 50,000 gallons of wastewater flowing into Lake LBJ.

Someone spotting bubbles around the waterline near the RR 1431 bridge on July 27 and contacted the Lower Colorado River Authority, which relayed the information to KMUD, according to Anita LaBier, the Kingsland utility district’s general manager.

The crack was about 10 feet below silt and flood debris and wasn’t repairable, according to a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality notification sent out by KMUD on August 6.

Divers from U.S. Underwater Services of Mansfield found a 4-foot-by-5-foot-by-6-foot piece of concrete sitting on the KMUD line and recommended replacing that section of underwater pipe.

Crews began making repairs August 12 with the LCRA closing down boat traffic at the bridge August 14 so workers could place the new line through the lake. Repairs should be completed by Friday, August 16.

Once the leak was located, the damaged line was shut down and KMUD has been hauling wastewater to its treatment plant during repairs. Officials believe the concrete block is debris from the October 2018 flood. After the flood, divers inspected the line but found no problems at the time.

3 thoughts on “Up to 50,000 gallons of wastewater leaked into Lake LBJ from busted KMUD line

  1. I report five months ago that I have gravel coming out of my faucets to KMUD. I told them they either have a filtration issue or broken freshwater line. They flushed the fire hydrant and it still happens everyday.

  2. Well, there you go. I thought my coffee tasted stronger and more full-bodied this morning.

  3. Several questions…
    1- When did LCRA notify KMUD that someone had contacted them with a concern?
    2- When was the line “shut down”?
    3- Did the damaged line carry treated or untreated waste water?
    4- Did LCRA increase the fresh water flow through Lake LBJ from Inks and Buchanan to aid in diluting the contaminated area of the Colorado River.
    5- Where is the water intake for Kingsland Water Supply?
    6- When the KMUD line was checked after the October flood, was the presence of the chunk of concrete noted and followed up on? Because that concrete sure didn’t get there by itself after the flood!!!
    7- How frequently does KMUD monitor its under water lines?

    Thank you! Let’s get some real answers for the citizens of Kingsland and Lake LBJ residents!!

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