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If you plan to hunt or fish in Texas after August 31, you need to purchase the 2019-20 licenses.

New licenses go on sale Thursday, August 15, and may be purchased from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department online, by calling 800-895-4248, or in person at 28 law enforcement field offices, more than 50 state parks, and over 1,700 Texas retailers. You can find these retailers by clicking on the above link.

The new licenses go into effect September 1.

View the complete list of licenses and endorsements on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s license webpage. Or, to keep things simple, consider the Super Combo Package, which is $68 for adults; $32 for ages 65 and older; and free to veterans with disabilities. The first two are for Texas residents only, but the veteran combo applies to residents and non-residents.

The package comes with a resident hunting license, a resident fishing license, an archery endorsement, a freshwater fishing endorsement, a saltwater fishing endorsement with a red drum tag, an upland game bird endorsement, and a migratory game bird endorsement.

If you’re an angler who doesn’t hunt, take advantage of the All-Water Package for $40, which includes both freshwater and saltwater endorsements. You can also choose the Freshwater Package for $30 or the Saltwater Package for $35. The Saltwater Package includes a red drum tag.

Texas hunters can pick up a resident hunting license for $25 ($7 for seniors), but you have to add state endorsements such as archery ($7), Texas migratory bird ($7), and upland game bird ($7).

A youth hunting license ($7) is required for residents and non-residents under the age of 17. The holder doesn’t need the state endorsements.

The TPWD’s Outdoor Annual has a complete breakdown of the different licenses, packages, and fees.

Hunters can also enter to win one of 10 premium guided hunt packages in the Big Time Texas Hunts drawing. Online entry is $9 each; phone and in-person entries are $10 each. Call 800-895-4248 to enter by phone.

The Big Time Texas Hunts have raised more than $9 million for wildlife research, habitat conservation efforts, and public hunting programs in Texas over the past 20 years.

Resident hunters and anglers can also purchase entry in the Lifetime License Drawing. Three lucky winners will receive a Lifetime Super Combo License and never have to purchase another Texas hunting or fishing license again. Entries are $5 each and can be purchased online, by phone, or at any license retailer. The first entry deadline for the three monthly drawings is September 30.

Go to the TPWD’s website for more information.