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Despite the heat, fishing with Jimmy puts smiles on faces

Jimmy Burney

Jimmy Burney, 71, holds up one of the largemouth bass he caught while on a fishing trip on J. Gibbs ‘Bo’ and Bonnie Franki’s ranch lake on July 29. Joining Burney in the boat were ranch hand Jerad Grenwelge (back left), Security State Bank & Trust Senior Vice President and Manager Jeff Bingham, and ranch manager Todd Gibson (not pictured). Burney can often be seen in Marble Falls, where he walks a regular route around the city as well as attends many community events. Courtesy photo by Todd Gibson


Everyone knows Jimmy, said J. Gibbs “Bo” Franki about the Marble Falls man who can often be seen on his routine walks around the city.

Jimmy Burney, 71, who has special needs, always waves when he sees people driving by as he takes his — somewhat — standard route.

“He’s just the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet,” Franki said of Burney.

Burney’s been a member of the community for decades. Over the years, he’s attended as many home Marble Falls High School football and soccer games as he can along with other events.

One of his routes takes him to Security State Bank & Trust, where he checks in with the staff as well as bank Senior Vice President and Manager Jeff Bingham. During these stops, people have learned that Burney loves to fish.

When Bingham and Franki heard about this, they arranged a fishing trip for Burney on Bo and wife Bonnie’s ranch lake just east of Marble Falls off RR 1431.

On July 29, the Frankis and Bingham took Burney out to the ranch.

“It was one of those 100-degree days,” Bo Franki recalled.

Burney, Bingham, ranch forman Todd Gibson, and ranch hand Jerad Grenwelge loaded into a boat and hit the lake. Burney landed several fish — largemouth bass and even a catfish.

“He didn’t have to say anything. Just the smile on Jimmy’s face, you knew how happy he was,” Franki said.

Seeing that happiness on Burney’s face was the best reason for the rest of them to endure the triple-digit heat.

When the day was over and the four men pulled back to shore, Burney was already — like any other angler — talking about the next time.

“He asked me, ‘When can I go again?’” Franki said. “And we’ll have him out again. It was just great seeing that smile on his face.”

1 thought on “Despite the heat, fishing with Jimmy puts smiles on faces

  1. I think it’s great that some of the top dogs in the community take interest and the time to appreciate someone in the center of the community. Jimmy is always ready to share his knowledge and excitement of all things Mustang, Longhorn or Cowboy. Thank you for giving Jimmy a special day.

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