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Buchanan Dam man charged with manslaughter in crash that killed Kingsland pastor

Thomas Reyes

Thomas Reyes, 27, of Buchanan Dam.


A Buchanan Dam man was charged with two second-degree felonies after a June 2 crash that killed a Kingsland pastor.

Thomas Reyes, 27, was booked into the Llano County Jail on June 6 on charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury. Reyes was released on bonds totaling $80,000 the following day.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Leonard McCollister, 66, was killed June 2 in a crash at about 6 PM at the intersection of Lillian Dean and Hi Line streets near Buchanan Dam in Llano County. McCollister, according to DPS, was driving east on Lillian Dean when a vehicle being driven “at a high rate of speed” southbound on Hi Line by Reyes ran a stop sign and collided with McCollister’s vehicle.

McCollister, according to his obituary, was a preacher at Buchanan West Baptist Church.

The investigation is being handled by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

2 thoughts on “Buchanan Dam man charged with manslaughter in crash that killed Kingsland pastor

  1. This is such a sad ordeal. This young man will forever live with the guilt of his actions. He is a family man himself and accidents are just that they are accidents. My mother was killed by a drunk driver and never did he spend a day or night in jail for taking her life while he was drunk and driving. Granted he shouldn’t have ran the stop sign but to add to his grief and throw such harsh charges at him is ridiculous. More money to put in the counties pocket is all this seems to be in my opinion. It would be completely different had he been intoxicated but he wasn’t from anything I’ve read. There’s been many times I’m sure we all have ran a light or stop sign by not seeing it. Maybe he should be charged with speeding or reckless driving but the 2 felony charges on top of the manslaughter is kinda insane. I wish him luck and both families are in my prayers and thoughts.

  2. I think these charges are outrageous . If he had been drunk I could understand these charges but from what I understand he wasn’t. Accidents happen . This young man has suffered enough and will suffer the rest of his life for taking another’s person’s life. Let him be and drop these outrageous charges. Llano county has gone to hell in a hand basket. My prayers are with both families. My God wrap his loving arms around them and give them peace and comfort.

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