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Most crowdsourcing efforts benefit something such as a family’s emergency medical bills or a nonprofit organization.

But one that was recently launched is unlike any you’re likely to find.

A small group of people known as the Double Horn Volunteers launched a GoFundMe on May 27 to help the fledgling city as it faces mounting legal fees before any revenues are collected.

The city voted to incorporate in December. In March, the state of Texas sued the young municipality over its incorporation. In April, State District Judge Evan Stubbs denied the state’s motion. The state appealed that decision to the Third Court of Appeals, where its appellant brief is due June 4.

The volunteer group’s GoFundMe goal is $32,000, which is based on the nearly $16,000 in legal fees tallied so far and the additional $16,000 expected for the appeal process.

The city has no current course of revenue. It’s not expected to receive any city tax revenue until 2020.

One of the volunteers who helped put together the GoFundMe page, Wendy Wright, said she believes fighting for the city is their only choice to protect their environment.

The residents voted to incorporate, in part, to exert some type of local control over Spicewood Crushed Stone, a proposed rock crusher and quarry that acquired land next to the community.

For Double Horn Volunteers, fighting the lawsuit is about saving the city, which will also save the environment around it.

“We’re hoping that (Spicewood Crushed Stone) will be good neighbors,” Wright said. “But if we have an issue with environmental violations, then we’ll have some type of control over our environment.”

2 thoughts on “Newly incorporated Double Horn has GoFundMe for legal fees

  1. I love it. They incorporated to “Save their environment” meaning, not in my backyard. The only reason there are rock crushing plants, hot mix asphalt plants, and cement plants in the area is because of SUBDIVISIONS, like Double Horn. If you have a concrete slab, driveway, paved roads, mortar, or stone in your subdivision, then the quarries are there because of you. The environment is not being destroyed because of the quarries, it’s being destroyed because of you and your subdivisions.

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