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Marble Falls says goodbye to baseball coach, hello to football coordinator additions

Marble Falls High School coaching changes

Russell Reichenbach resigned as the Marble Falls High School head baseball coach May 9 after two years. Courtesy photo


Changes continue to happen in the Marble Falls High School athletics department.

The school district is looking for a new head baseball coach after Russell Reichenbach resigned to return to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“Coach Reichenbach has been a tremendous asset for the Mustangs program,” athletic director Rick Hoover said. “He helped turn this place around. We will truly miss him. He’s a great guy. He’s been great for the kids.”

Marble Falls Independent School District posted the baseball position, and administrators have begun making calls to potential candidates, Hoover said.

In other sports news, the MFISD Board of Trustees recently approved the hires of three coordinators on head football coach Brian Herman’s staff.

They are:

• Florence head football coach and athletics director Zane Bode as defensive coordinator;

• Florence offensive coordinator and head baseball coach Heath Hohmann as offensive coordinator;

• and Howe athletic director and head football coach Bill Jehling as special teams coordinator.

Herman is excited about the hires, particularly since two of the coordinators are former head football coaches with backgrounds in sports administration.

“They’re giving up the big boss seat to get things started,” he said. “They were returning (to their jobs as head coaches). It was by choice (they’re coming to Marble Falls). They were in great standing. They received the opportunity to start something in Marble Falls.”

Herman has known Bode for 15 years and Hohmann for nine years. Herman and Hohmann coached together at Liberty Hill High School in 2010, and the two have kept in touch.

As offensive coordinator, Hohmann used the Slot-T at Florence. It’s an offensive formation Herman is installing at Marble Falls. The basics of the scheme are the same, even if the terminology differs from program to program, Herman said.

“The Slot-T is a formation and mentality,” he said.

Herman and Bode first met when Bode, who at the time was coaching at Lago Vista High School, visited Liberty Hill to learn about the Slot-T.

“They learned our stuff and got real successful running what we run,” Herman said. “He believes in what we do offensively, and it helps us.”

Hoover recommended Herman interview Jehling because his administrative and personal qualities made him an ideal fit for the MFISD athletic department and the community.

Overall, Herman said he couldn’t be happier for the players to meet the three new coordinators.

“They’re open guys who are great for kids,” Herman said.

Marble Falls High School is still searching for a boys head track coach after the departure of Chad Bishop. Finding the ideal leader is a priority, Herman said.

As for filling the baseball and track coaching spots, Hoover said: “We’ll have community involvement and try to find the best candidates we can find.”

8 thoughts on “Marble Falls says goodbye to baseball coach, hello to football coordinator additions

  1. Well on behalf of the Florence community. I would like to thank Marble Falls School District for relieving us of our financial burden for the three Coaches you got from Florence. Bode record got worse every year after inheriting a program turned around by Coach Mcqueen who for personal reason(family member) had to move to Comfort . Bode thinks going to play-offs back to back is something to Bragg about. You only have to win two games in district. We only won one this past season. Staff always thought we would win our last game with Hamilton since they hadn’t won a game all year. Our team quit on there Coach they were tired of his antics. This year was a joke cops called, parent being asked not to file charges, even coach being hauled to hospital for possible heart attack on game day. Hohmann did he even Coach in Florence oh yeah the hugger. Likes to hug. If Hohmann is a offensive coordinator check how many points we averaged a game. And Bode is a defensive coordinator go look at the average points scored against Florence. Look at this way Marble falls doesn’t sound like y’all will keep them very long. Lmao!!!!!

  2. Well it looks like Mount Vernon picked up the ball that Marble Falls dropped. Chris should be hanging his head. That’s not the behavior of a leader. It’s the behavior of a follower. Very weak.

  3. Give Hoover a chance. This 1st year was spent evaluating what he had. He is making his changes and is looking for coaches that are dedicated to Marble Falls and will be here long term and stop all this fly-by-night coaching. You should be more worried about the principal and all the teachers he is running off!!

  4. This is just down right embarrassing. The slot t will never work at this level and definitely not in this district. Just go back and ask dale Heath or Cord Woerner. Both came from a smaller school and was mediocre there, but somehow still got the head coaching job. They both ran a similar version of the slot T and got embarrassed. Sad days now and ahead for mustangs.

  5. I have been around Marble Falls athletics and the athletes for years. I have been to several meetings. The meetings were a joke. Nothing was accomplished at these meetings except maybe making the administration feel better about themselves .
    It is shocking how many coaches have left over the past few years. Some of these coaches showed real promise. Why are they all leaving? Why do we hire coaches with losing record to replace them? We have the talent. Marble Falls 8th grade track won district
    and 7th grade came in a close 2nd. This was against Westlake, Lake Travis, Dripping Springs and others. Marble Falls has to support
    the coaches so they can in turn support the kids. This just isn’t happening. It starts from the top and the top isn’t looking good.
    The Slot-T offense? Really? I hope I am wrong.

  6. Actually have kids in the schools and know more than you think. So these one year fly by night coaches as you call them, you are talking about the Birdwells that were here for many years and bought a house. You are talking about the Reichenbach’s that uprooted and moved down here from the DFW area to come to Marble Falls for one to two years? Or did they get told in a meeting with every Men’s coach in there that they were replaceable and if they don’t tow the district line they were gone.I’ve talked to these men when they were hired and I’ve watched them get beaten down by this town and this district. There is not a winning cutler in this town. Like I said there is zero trust in the administration after the way they fired Green and then Birdwell. You can say they left but they were fired. MAybe you should stop believing the spin that this district is giving everyone. Why is every other ISD around us going to the playoffs in multiple sports and Marble Falls is the laughing stock of central Texas.

  7. WOW Bob,
    It’s obvious from your rantings the last two or three weeks, that you are very far from the students and parents involved in the MFHS athletic community. Instead of spending your time at the coffee shop complaining and passing on bits of information that you have not taken the time to verify, try attending a few events and get involved with students and parents and see what their needs and concerns are. Most of the teams had one year fly-by-night coaches, until the last three years. Yes, there is a turn over now, but hopefully it will stablelize for the next few years. Every team could use some good fans and encouragement.

  8. Wow, so every men’s head coach besides soccer (who happens to be the AD) has left after posting an improvement year over year. When are we as a community going to start looking at why? Some of these football players are on their 3rd head coach in just their high school career. This is insane and it’s only going to get worse because the word is out in the coaches circles not to come to Marble Falls.

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