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A U.S. district judge sentenced a 45-year-old Llano woman to three years in federal prison for stealing more than $900,000 from a Llano bank over the seven years she worked for the institution.

U.S. Attorney John F. Bash and FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs announced that Kelley Ranae Jones was sentenced April 24 for embezzling the money from Arrowhead Bank in Llano. Jones pleaded guilty in January 2019 to one count of embezzlement by a bank employee.

By pleading guilty, Jones admitted that, while employed at the bank from 2011 to 2018, she stole the money by manipulating entries in Arrowhead Bank records.

U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez handed down the sentence in San Antonio but also ordered Jones to pay $905,372.49 in restitution to the bank as well as serve five years of supervised release once she completes her prison term.

FBI agents investigated the case, while Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean B. O’Connell prosecuted the matter.

11 thoughts on “Llano bank employee gets 3 years for embezzling $900,000

  1. The Federal government has sentencing guidelines for the judges to go by when the PSI (pre sentencing investigation) is completed. They know restitution cannot be accomplished when the offender is incarcerated. If she doesn’t abide by the restitution order, at least attempt to do so, they can be put into a restitution center.

    1. LOL…. Three years??? She obviously couldn’t afford a good attorney who could negotiate with the prosecution. She could have easily gotten 5 years probation and the restitution if she had no prior criminal history. SWIM got into a similar situation but was precipitated by incorrectly diagnosed manic depression as ADHD with anxiety — 100MG of Prozac with over 40MG of adderall prescribed but in reality was eating them like tic tacs caused poor decision making.. Probation by the feds was given since their was no previous criminal activity with restitution in the six figures

  2. 3 years for 900,000 dollars…Are you kidding me? I have a 15 year old grandson with no prior history of trouble that took a joyride in a golf cart and is now on an ankle monitor,house arrest and they want him to be on probation for a few years BUT steal almost a million dollars and get 3 years.for that.Lesson there? Go big or stay home.Way to go Llano. Must be another case of someones relative over at the court house.

    1. I hear what your saying. They have their punishments a whole lotta messed up in Llano and Burnet Counties. This is not much of a punishment for the the crime committed. A basic slap on the wrist and call it a day…

      1. The sentencing has nothing to do with Llano. She was sentenced in Federal court in San Antonio. Do your research before you start bashing.

    2. OMFG! Three years? My sister did five years for having duplicate prescriptions for pain killers. She wasn’t even selling them. Her crappy health care provider wasn’t treating her migraines properly.
      They treated her worse than a murderer. A rapist got less time than her.

      So can I have use of $900k for seven years? A couple of successful strategic investments later and I can afford to buy my way out of prison time.
      What did she do with the money?

    3. Also if you read she has to pay back 905,372.49 to the bank and 3 years in prison then after that 5 years on parole.

    4. My company was embezzled several years ago for a similar amount of money and my accountant got a 33-month federal sentence. The sad fact is that embezzlement is not taken seriously by our government and the sentences are a joke! If you walked into a convenience store with your finger in your jacket pocket and got the cashier to give you 50-bucks you would be facing 10-20 years in prison. We need congress to change the federal sentencing guidelines if we want meaningful jail time for white collar criminals!

      1. You will likely get or got all of your money back so lets stop with the morally self righteousness,. Maybe pay your employees better and this wouldn’t happen. 33 months is pretty harsh if this person was a first time offender but at least he had use of the money.

        1. thank you nic9075. this is my mother n law. I have read so many hateful comments.all the reasons that she did this im not sure of, except for one, she needed help with bills. does not make it right in any way at all. but I can tell you this, she is extremely remorseful. she turned herself in last week and it has been hard on the family, but it is what it is. she was with the bank for over 20 years and only made $14 an hour. she knows what she did was wrong. thank you for not commenting hateful like the others have done.

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