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Seconds after the Marble Falls Independent School District Board of Trustees approved the hire of Brian Herman as the new head football coach and boys athletic coordinator April 15, Herman, his wife, Nicole, and their children, Faith, Isabella, and Brody, walked up to the podium.

“We know Marble Falls is a special place,” Herman told those assembled. “We’re super, super excited to be here. We have a bunch of purple and gold in the closet.”

The board went into executive session for about 50 minutes but took only seconds to approve the hire. Herman was the head football coach at Lockhart from 2013-18 prior to accepting the Mustang position. Before that, he was the head football coach at Eustace High School.

Herman’s track record of building programs and staying at one place for a long period of time was important to the parents, students, and community members who attended an April 1 meeting on selecting the next football coach. Marble Falls Independent School District Superintendent Chris Allen reiterated that Monday night after the board hired Herman.

“He has a history of making the playoffs in recent years,” Allen said. “He convinced the committee he could build strong, meaningful relationships in the community and the staff at large. … We’re ready to put our kids in position to start thinking about the future.”

Herman, who is the 22nd head football coach at Marble Falls, is taking over his third program with previous stops at Lockhart and Eustace high schools. He has an overall record of 46-42 and district record of 23-31. Herman has led his teams to three bi-district championships. Those teams losses in the area round of the playoffs have been to an eventual state champion, an eventual state runner-up, and two state semifinalists.

Herman also has been on the staff of one of the most successful programs in Texas when he was an offensive coordinator at Liberty Hill High School, where he worked for head coach Jerry Vance.

“We want to be here,” he said about the Highland Lakes. “Every coach has a central place they’re eyeballing. This has been at the top for a long time.”

Herman said he applied for the position in 2000, when Marble Falls hired Dale Heath, and 2012, when the district tapped Todd Dodge.

Herman went to Liberty Hill in 2002 as an offensive coordinator and learned the Slot-T offense from Vance. He stayed in Liberty Hill until the end of the 2003-04 school year. Then, he became a wide receivers coach at Bemidji State University in Minnesota in 2004.

He returned to Liberty Hill in 2005 in time to be part of the Class 3A state championship teams in 2006 and 2007. When he left the Panthers after the 2010 season, it was to take over as Eustace High School head football coach. In the 2011 season, Herman guided the Bulldogs to a 10-2 overall record and a 4-1 District 6-2A Division II record. Eustace lost 19-10 to Melissa, the eventual state champion, in the second round of the playoffs.

The following year, Eustace went 6-5 and 4-2 in district, finishing in a three-way tie for second place. The Bulldogs lost to Daingerfield, the eventual state runner-up, in the first round of the playoffs.     

Herman became the head coach at Lockhart in 2013, staying until 2018. While there, he compiled a 30-35 overall record and a 15-27 district record.

The Lions’ best seasons were in 2014 and 2015. In 2014, Lockhart went 7-5 overall and 4-4 in District 27-5A. The Lions defeated Brackenridge 35-25 in bi-district but lost to Leander Vandegrift, an eventual state semifinalist, in the next round.

In 2015, the Lions were 8-4 overall and 5-3 in district. They defeated San Antonio Highlands 42-21 in a bi-district championship but lost to Cedar Park Vista Ridge, a state semifinalist, in the second round.

Marble Falls and Lockhart were in the same District 26-5A in 2016 and 2017. The Lions won both meetings 31-17 and 28-24.

Herman takes the Mustangs’ reins from Mike Birdwell, who announced his resignation March 11. 

Herman has installed the Slot-T offense when he was at Eustace and at Lockhart but stopped short of saying he would do the same in Marble Falls. While the Slot-T is his “foundation,” he said he wants to evaluate the players and see their skills.

“We’ll look at the talent we have and try to fit the pieces here,” he said.

The two high schools, Lockhart and Marble Falls, are similar in their demographics and socio-economics. In that sense, Herman is already comfortable.

“We’ll build relationships and build that trust,” he said. “Culture will come. They’re hardworking, tough, physical kids who want to be successful.”

Allen said Herman and his coordinators will have assigned duties to be determined after the master schedule is complete.

Herman is enthusiastic about the opportunity and couldn’t wait to meet his players and begin establishing relationships.

“Marble Falls is a place we feel we can be successful,” he said. “I’m comfortable to be in Marble Falls for a long time. There’s no reason we can’t be here and have some type of success.”

5 thoughts on “New MFHS football coach had stints in Lockhart, Liberty Hill

  1. I for one am excited about the new hire. I think a new offensive game would be a nice change. I’d sure like to see more folks in the stands.
    And with that, these are all valid concerns, but commenting on the newspapers website isn’t effective and who knows if it’s even seen by anyone outside the few of us older folks who actually go read the paper online. You have to remove the cloak of anonymity and contact our school board members directly. They look like a nice bunch, so I’m sure they don’t mind speaking to their constituents. We vote them in and we vote them out; We don’t get to vote on personnel they approve (i.e. administration).

  2. Chris Allen is ruining this district and is wasting a tremendous amount of money on salaries, including his own. His 5 year deal back in February was never covered by our local newspapers and not 1 board member thought to ask about the length of the contract or significant amount of monies guaranteed to a superintendent in Texas? Seems odd to me.
    Now we have another ‘new’ football coach and will most certainly have to pay him the remainder of the year… where is the money coming from? Mixed reviews on the guy coming from Lockhart and his Slot-T offense. I wonder if he really knows what he is getting himself into? In speaking with a board member he let me know that this guy wasn’t even the first or second choice. He noted that Coach Birdwell was offered his job back and that the deal “fell through” at the last minute, that a former Mustang was offered the job and he declined; which led Chris to go way off the trail in hiring Herman. This will be Chris’ 3rd football coach in his 4 years of leading the district. Our community needs to look at the facts of Chris Allen’s leadership of MFISD and how many head coaches have left and will leave after this year is over. Why are so many leaving or being pushed out of Marble Falls? Parents need to stand up and ask real questions to our district leadership on what is going on or this pattern of behavior will continue and our kids will suffer the consequences. I’m not sure if our superintendent is ‘loving’ and/or ‘inspiring’ our district very well at all. Seems like most are ‘leaving’ and/or ‘quitting’ due to his leadership.

  3. I personally love the hire from the committee and the prospect of something different. They have tried the big names before and they only use Marble to achieve their own selfish desires to move up to something bigger or closer to home. If any person takes time to research the new coach you will see nothing but outstanding remarks about him. If he is truthful and stays for a long time, that means more than winning games to our kids. I’m sure plenty of high school coaches will leave. That normally happens with leadership change. I’m looking forward to a different scene and I’m willing to give him a fair shake. We lost to Lockhart the last few times we played on the varsity level. I’m curious to see his approach and hopefully not the same offense we had before.

  4. So this new coach was mediocre at Lockhart, what makes you think he can win at MF? This is a bad hire, plain and simple. Sounds more like the Superintendent found “his” man. No way that he can install a run first offense and win at the 5A level. MF should be able to land a great coach and they proved us wrong yet again! You hired Todd Dodge, why can’t you make another big name hire? Things have to change, starting at the top. Until then, nothing will change the outcome of the football program.

  5. So this was the best we could do or has Dr. Allen found him a ‘Yes Man’ that he can control? There is going to be a mass exodus of coaches at the middle school and high school AGAIN. It has already started, go look up the new houses that have been listed in the last 2 months. How are you supposed to program when the longest tenured coach is on his 3rd year? Why are they leaving? They have ZERO trust in this administration. Actually almost every teacher in MFISD has little or no trust in Dr Allen’s vision or leadership. You don’t have to take a stranger’s word on the internet. Ask one in private what they think and if this district is in a better place than it was 5 years ago. They are all frustrated with what seemingly is no real plan; every couple of months there is a new ‘program’ or way of teaching that is being thrown at them with very little though of implication or letting the last great new plan take shape. Great teachers are leaving in the MIDDLE of their contract because of the way they are being treated by the administration and lack of support with any discipline problems that are occurring on EVERY campus. You are going to seeing even more turnover this year. Hopefully this will open some people’s eyes, even if it is just to question the people that are with the district and ask them their opinions. Do you own research and then make a decision for your self because I can promise you that if you do, you will find the problem with MFISD starts at the top.

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