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UPDATE: Burnet police identify officer and deceased in shooting

Texas Rangers and Burnet Police Department officers at the scene of an early morning police-involved shooting in the 300 block of McNeil Street. Officers responded to a loud music complaint at about 1:40 a.m. March 27. One man was shot and killed by police after he drove his vehicle at the officers, running over one officer’s foot. The Texas Rangers are leading the investigation. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

Texas Rangers and Burnet Police Department officers at the scene of an early morning police-involved shooting in the 300 block of McNeil Street. Officers responded to a loud music complaint at about 1:40 a.m. March 27. One man was shot and killed by police after he drove his vehicle at the officers, running over one officer’s foot. The Texas Rangers are leading the investigation. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton


MARCH 29 UPDATE: The man shot and killed by an officer March 27 in Burnet has been identified as 25-year-old Brandon Michael Jacque of Bertram.

According to the Burnet Police Department, the officer involved in the shooting was Patrol Sgt. Russell Butler, who has been with the department for three years.

Butler remains on administrative leave until further notice.

The Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting.

A funeral service for Jacque has been scheduled for 11 a.m. April 2 at Hill Country Fellowship Church, 200 Houston Clinton Drive in Burnet.


One man is dead after an officer-involved shooting early March 27 in Burnet.

According to Burnet Police Chief Paul Nelson, officers responded to the 300 block of South McNeil Street at 1:40 a.m. regarding a call about loud music.

When the officers arrived, they approached a red car at the scene, and the driver began backing up.

Nelson said an officer was giving verbal commands to the driver to stop, but the vehicle came forward toward the officer.

The vehicle ran over the officer’s left foot.

Once struck, the officer shot his weapon, striking the driver of the vehicle, according to Nelson. A female passenger was in the vehicle and was not injured.

“At that time, once that was done, (the officer) called for EMS and started medical procedures on that suspect to help save his life,” Nelson said during a 7 a.m. media conference.

Nelson said the department does not have the deceased person identified and will release his name once he is identified and next of kin is notified.

Nelson said the officer has been with the department for three years but did not release his name.

“The officer has been placed on administrative leave until further notice, which is normal procedure,” Nelson said. “Right now, we’re trying to review the body camera that was on the officer to see step by step what was going on.”

The Texas Rangers will lead the investigation, Nelson said.

The officer was taken to Seton Highland Lakes in Burnet. Nelson said X-rays were taken and showed no broken bones, and the officer was released.

10 thoughts on “UPDATE: Burnet police identify officer and deceased in shooting

  1. I worked with this guy and I have the upmost respect for the law. But this story sounds fishy. I know several people who have had their feet drove over and they all had a broken bone or two. Brandon was a layed back, very chill guy. It’s too early to say if it was unjustified shooting. The body cam will reveal the truth and where is the dash cam at? Also, why do police insist on standing in front of vehicles? Either way as of now I believe the passengers story, backed by the character of Brandon. It’s looking bad for the officer…js

  2. I know the girl in the car there was no warning they never even knew the cop was there. He snuck up on them.

  3. Brandon was a friend of mine and he didn’t deserve to die. That cop snuck up on him, no lights, no siren. Brandon never saw or heard the officer give “verbal commands.” What idiot cop would give a verbal command to someone playing loud music in a car, at night, on a dark street and expect to be heard? And how is his left foot run over and then he immediately gets three shots off into the windshield from directly in front of the car? Please explain the physics of that miraculous stunt? And NO bones were broken after being run over by a 4 door sedan? I think the foot thing was a contrived story to somehow justify shooting an unarmed man without provocation or warning. Because the cop was hot-headed and trigger happy. Brandon wasn’t breaking any laws. He was a charming, sweet, good-hearted guy with his whole life ahead of him. He was only twenty five years old… His death was a senseless tragedy and the person responsible should be held accountable, regardless if it was a cop. Brandon was murdered. There is no justification or excuse for the way that cop handled the situation. He never should’ve fired that weapon and Brandon should still be alive. If they let him get away with what he did….I hope everyone will be as outraged as I will be….That cop should be stripped of his badge and do time just like any other murderer. I hope Brandon’s family sues the city for wrongful death and wins. It won’t bring Brandon back, but it might give his daughter some reassurance that the man responsible for his death was held accountable and punished. Citizens of Burnet beware of those sworn to “protect and serve” because they’re the ones you have to worry about the most. I pray the Texas Rangers will finally expose the corrupt practices at every level of the justice system in Burnet County. It’s time the world knew what’s really going on ….

  4. I’ve been friends with Brandon a long time, and his 3 year old daughter doesn’t have a dad anymore. What if she was in the back seat, and what if he shot the passenger? Sounds like Brandon was leaving and didn’t see the officer. That’s what his passenger said. An officer should never fire on someone unless they suspect that person will cause harm to other people, how would he have any indication of that happening? Three bullets to the chest, couldn’t just take a step back and call for backup? I’ve heard that this isn’t the first person this officer has killed, well he killed a guy that has positively impacted so many people’s lives, and broke a lot of people’s hearts, and will probably fly under the radar until this blows over. What is Burnets policy on use of deadly force anyway? I’m interested to see what this investigation brings up. Brandon is dead, and that passenger will probably have nightmares about this for the rest of her life. Thanks Captain America

  5. When an officer says stop it is simple stop! Obey the commands of an officer. To may people have zero respect for authority and so may people are quick to blame an officer any time a suspect is killed or injured. Let’s go back to the way things used to be. Stop your car, put it in park, put your hands on the steering wheel until the officer gets to your window. Then roll it down. Be poilite and do as requested, you won’t end up dead!

  6. In your case he deserved to be shot in this case a firearm should have never been discharged. That officer was not hurt mo broken or fractured bones. For a officer discharge his weapon on anyone out of “being scared ” as he stated is wrong. Time will tell and like always there is a loop holes and he will end up in the right cause people can always alter a digital video or the body cam wasnt working or patrol car cam wasnt working ect…. I see it everyday I nothing against officers I have alot that I consider family but there are some that just aren’t right or try and play the system.

  7. I am a retired Houston Police Officer. 31 years ago while attempting to arrest an individual. I was caught up in his steering wheel and he took off, dragging me for 6 blocks at a top speed around 60. I could see the speedometer. If I would have been able to get to my pistol I would have shot him. I was fortune, I still have my life. and so does he. I’m retired and enjoying my life here in the Hill Country., Him, still has his life but he is still behind bars in a Texas prison. I pray for that officer and hope he heals soon. Back the Blue !!!

  8. I certainly believe that the officer was justified in shooting the guy. He was obviously trying to run into him and he did. I hope the officer will be ok and his foot heal quick.

    1. From what I have read the officer had plenty of time to get out of the way,in thus case his firearm was discharged at wrong time which is wrong

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