Man found not guilty in Burnet County child indecency case


A Burnet County jury deliberated for 23 minutes March 5 before returning a not guilty verdict in an indecency with a child case.

Jonathan Robert Gulley, 34, of Florida faced up to 20 years in prison if convicted on two counts of indecency with a child. Following the two-day trial in State District Judge Allan Garrett’s courtroom, Gulley was able to walk free and back to his life.

“Jonathan spent over a month in jail and was unable to work as a gunsmith, which is a profession that he loves, and was unable to see his children during the (one and a half) years that this case took to reach the courts,” Burnet County Public Defender Michelle Moore stated in a media release. “We are relieved that an innocent man can get his life back.”

The allegations against Gulley were that he had sexual contact with a minor in 2014 when he lived in Burnet County. He was indicted in July 2017 on the two counts.

Moore and Nathan Kight, both of the Burnet County Public Defenders office, represented Gulley in the trial, which started March 4.

During the trial, state prosecutors called the child, the child’s mother, and the investigating officer to the stand.

Moore and Kight, however, countered the prosecution’s case with witnesses who “questioned the truthfulness of the mother,” according to the public defender’s office statement. The defense witnesses also challenged the possibility that Gulley had such contact with the child because they “were rarely alone in a house with eight people.”

Gulley also took the stand and refuted the allegations. According to the public defender’s office, he also provided details about the motives behind the accusations against him.

“False accusations have life-altering consequences for the accused,” Moore added.

3 thoughts on “Man found not guilty in Burnet County child indecency case

  1. It’s outragrous that this woman who lied and wasted our tax dollars wasn’t led out of the courtroom in shackles. There need to be harsh consequences for lying and trying to ruin an innocent person’s life that are at least equal to the same punishment the accused faced.

    1. This gentleman’s life is now a mess if not ruined. Our system is corrupt. The mother should be punished to full extent of the law, life in prison sounds good.

      As stated earlier if an accurate investigation had been done, this individual would not have been put through this.

      We went through this with our son, accusing us of abuse and after 6 months the DA tried to drop but CASA pushed and we went the Grand Jury, no bill.

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