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Burger King-Captain D’s combo coming soon to Burnet

The empty lot between Chicken Express and Taco Bell on U.S. 281 in Burnet will be the location of Burger King and Captain D’s restaurants. The sale of the property closed Feb. 28. Staff photo by Jared Fields

The empty lot between Chicken Express and Taco Bell on U.S. 281 in Burnet will be the location of Burger King and Captain D’s restaurants. The sale of the property closed Feb. 28. Staff photo by Jared Fields


More fast-food options are coming to Burnet.

City Manager David Vaughn said Feb. 28 that Burger King and Captain D’s are coming to 2.6 acres on U.S. 281 after the property sale closed.

Captain D’s is a seafood chain that began in 1969 as Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers in Donelson, Tennessee. The nearest one to the area is in Stephenville, with many more in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The future Burger King-Captain D’s location is south of town between the recently built Taco Bell and the Chicken Express on the west side of the highway.

We do not have an anticipated construction date yet, but the permits are almost ready to be issued, so construction should begin soon,” Vaughn said.

6 thoughts on “Burger King-Captain D’s combo coming soon to Burnet

  1. More fast food? Way to be bold Burnet. How about develop a site for some type of retail store like Academy? Closest Academy is Cedar Park. Do it before Marble Falls does. But please start thinking outside the box of fast food.

  2. I have heard that one major requirement for a restaurant to succeed is the availability of help. College or university towns do better because of the students who want to work. Neither Burnet or Marble Falls has access to this kind of employee.

  3. That’s all fine and dandy, bringing new business to Burnet and the Economic Develoment boom going on with all the New homes being built but, this in turn increases the property taxes on All the homes in Burnet in the mean time my street is full of pot holes and crators with no curbing not even with the fact my neighborhood is one of the older ones and most high traffic street in Burnet behind Miller’s Store, this street has very high traffic including 18 wheelers coming out of Miller’s. The taxes I pay are just as green as all the other ones being paid in the New homes and other neighborhoods who get the repaired or New streets and my taxes are increased due to the Economic Development with no improvements to make White Street safer to drive on. Went to the City Manager 15 years ago and have continued to ask about this issue and was given the big run around, I suppose due to my home and neighborhood is not influential enough, even though there are several New homes built here. Also the water and sewer system are always having problems.

    1. I know. We have a terrible problem on Bluebonnet St. next to Storms that I go on daily. Pot holes that can actually damage your vehicle or worse hurt someone on bike , motorcycle, skate board, etc. T H E N if it rains just a fourth of an inch of rain, water stands there for weeks attracting huge amounts of mesquitos and probably rats, mice, and wild animals. I started asking about this 8 or 9 years ago and EVERY time they say they are going to look into it the next year or the funds are not there. You are right. Burnet is like Liberal austin when it comes to rich areas and money get their areas done

  4. While I appreciate all the new fast food restaurants arriving in both Burnet and Marble Falls, I would like to know why either Marble Falls or Burnet cannot seem to attract eateries like Longhorn Steak House, Outback Steak House, Apple Bee’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, Cheddars to name a few, all of the just mentioned restaurants are chains and provide a nice sit down atmosphere for those of us that choose to not dine on fast food every time we want to eat out or to entertain out of town guests. A much needed moderate priced steak house is needed in this area. While River City Grille does offer grilled steak in Marble Falls some of us have grown weary of that being the only place to take our family and guests to a reasonable priced sit down restaurant. Doc’s does a nice offer of their prime rib special on Thursday nights, for the price you pay the food beef prime rib is “OK”. But again I believe we could use a few more moderate priced restaurants to choose from.

    1. The reason is because the revenue isnt there. These larger restaurants require massive overhead and therefore the sales must meet a certain level. Marble falls has too many restaurants making competition vs amount of sales sales too low to be a viable profit margin. Burnet on the other hand does not have enough pull from surrounding areas to have the consideration of a major chain restaurant to come in and survive. There would not be enough margin in sales to keep the restaurant open. People have no idea how much tevenue a restaurant like chilis or applebees takes to stay open but its in the 10 million or more in revenue . Even home owned restaurants take 40% of their sales in just food cost alone.

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