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NOV. 7 UPDATE: Funeral services for Dr. Michael James Babineaux are being handled by Harrell Funeral Home of Austin. Click HERE for an obituary and service information.



A Baylor Scott & White Specialty Clinic-Marble Falls physician died Oct. 29 after a pickup struck his vehicle on Texas 71 in Lakeway.

Michael James Babineaux, 36, died at the scene, according to Texas Department of Public Safety officials. Babineneux was a gastroenterologist at the Marble Falls clinic.

“We are all deeply saddened by the unexpected passing of Dr. Michael Babineaux. His exceptional career at Baylor Scott & White Health began in September 2016. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time,” officials with Baylor Scott & White stated.

According to the Texas DPS report, a 2007 Nissan Titan driven by Cameron James O’Connell, 29, of Austin, was heading westbound in the inside lane of Texas 71. The driver moved into the center turn lane in an attempt to pass a vehicle in front of him.

The driver lost control of the pickup, the DPS report stated, and went into a side skid before crashing into a 2018 BMW X3 driven by Babineaux. 

Babineaux was in the outside eastbound lane at the time of the collision. The collision occurred near Serene Hills Drive in Lakeway.

The physician died at the scene while the driver of the Nissan was transported to an area hospital with injuries.

According to the DPS report, the crash remains under investigation.

40 thoughts on “Marble Falls doctor killed in Texas 71 crash in Lakeway

  1. I only got to see him once, but he was a very kind man, my thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  2. Just got my letter from BS&W. Rest in peace, he was an exceptional doctor. Best bed side manner ever, and spoke to us like a best friend. Will be missed by many. Prayers for his family, friends and patients. Prayers to heaven Dr Babineaux you got ahead of us, but we’ll see you again.

  3. OMG ?? I just open up the letter I got from Baylor Scott & White. It breaks my ? after reading this. He was a good doctor. I just hate it when people just can’t wait, they start tailgating you & passing other drivers. My prayers are with all his family. May he RIP?

  4. Attention Safer 71 – Greg Short: Like the beloved young doctor, Our youngest brother, James Holt,was also hit and killed by a distracted driver at Serene Hills & 71. He lived about a mile away with my sister, Jean. Can someone tell us how to contact Greg Short with Safer 71? We want to help and be part of the effort to help slow down the crazy drivers and to help make 71 safer. We need to help and it would help us heal. I’m a UT grad and I used to love the area. Now I’m afraid to visit my sister and I’m ready for her to move and get out of the area. 71 is a Highway to Heaven in a bad way. The highway and crazy, distracted, fast drivers are taking our loved ones away from us and nothing is being done about it. We want change.

  5. Can someone that knows Greg Short, President of the communities’ Safer 71 organization ask him or a member to contact us? Like the young doctor, our brother, James Holt was also killed at Serene Hills & 71. He was almost home when he was hit & killed. We want to be part of the Safer 71 organization and we want to do our part to help. We would like to help and we feel Greg and the organization can help us as well. Please contact Jean (sister) at the city of Lakeway with Greg’s contact information. Thank you very much. Cindy

  6. OMG, I just saw him last week. Such a wonderful, sweet man. Everything a doctor should be. My condolences to the family, such a terrible loss. Rest in Peace sweet man, you will be missed.

  7. I, too was a patient of Dr. Babineaux’s. He was the kindest, most compassionate man I’ve ever known. He also was the best and most trusted Dr. I’ve ever known . I will miss him for the rest of my life. I feel that he saved my life, and I am forever grateful for him. I pray for comfort and peace for his family, and I am so deeply sorry and saddened for your loss. I too cared very much for him.

  8. The traffic on the major roads around Lakeway is “out of control”. So, we will continue to see tragic injuries and accidents, and young families destroyed. I rarely see any police presence on 620 in Lakeway. There should be several patrol cars at heavy traffic times, and at least one most other times. It will slow down the “crazy’s”, reduce accidents, and should be a revenue boon. Some will say, “Oh no, we will become known as a speed trap.” I say —— GREAT ! Let’s do it.

  9. Hello everyone, thanks for all of the kind words about Michael. He definitely was a special man and child of God. For all who are interested, services are Friday November 9, 2018 at 1:00 at Harrell Funeral Home located at 4435 frontier trail, Austin TX 78745

  10. His services are Friday November 9th at 1:00pm at Harell funeral home. 4435 frontier trail, Austin TX. 78745

  11. Caroleann-you are so right. Hope the driver gets charged with manslaughter. I hope the DPS did drug/alcohol testing. Neither happened when the lady failed to yield the right away & killed our James at Serene Hills & 71. Our laws & authorities should be strongly questioned. I also have a son that is a young doctor. Being a mom myself, my heart aches for Dr. Babineaux’ mom, wife, children, and the rest of his family. Dr. Babineaux’s death hit so close to home for me in so many ways.

  12. Although I didn’t know the doctor, I am devastated for his family and for the community that he served. What a waste of a brilliant and beloved person, for what? All because some shmuck was in such a hurry he had to try to pass someone in the center turn lane. Absolutely disgusting. I hope the driver who caused this unspeakable horror gets charged with vehicular manslaughter. So very sorry for the doctor’s family, friends, colleagues and patients.

  13. I had the privilege of working with Dr.Babineaux during his residency at Utmb in Galveston. He was a very caring man. My heart felt sympathy to his family. He will be missed by all that knew him

  14. I am heartbroken about the news of Doctor Babineaux. Doctor Babineaux was one of the most patient, loving doctors I’ve ever known. He always took his time with you, never felt rushed! I will definatly miss this great doctor! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family!

  15. Dr. Babineaux is only the second Dr. I’ve ever had in my life who I actually enjoyed going to see. The man saved my life by quickly identifying and stopping my spleen from rupturing. He was the third Dr. who seen me for the same condition in 2 weeks time. He had me rushed in and fixed it and when I woke up he was standing over me waiting for me to wake up and I saw the look of relief on his face like “whew! Thank god she made it”. He had just met me and he already cared SO MUCH whether I lived or not. He told me if I had not come in that day, I would have bled out in a matter of hours. He performed a few procedures on me after that and I always looked forward to my appointment. We would communicate on the bswh messaging system and we had jokes and selfies and he became my friend. After one particular procedure, when he was leaving the room and said goodbye he accidentally told me love you at the end of his goodbye. He tried to keep walking and I said “ um No, turn around, we are not gonna pretend like you didn’t just say that” He said “ we family now” at my next visit, he had told his staff that I was his cousin, and I was a VIP! The man ACCIDENTALLY told me he loved me! There’s probably not another Dr. in this world who’s ever done that. He was just full of LOVE and I love him so much for giving me pure, compassionate Love as a human being so freely. There’s only one other Dr. in the world I’ve ever felt this way about. I knew it was a blessing when he came into my life and I had planned on being his patient, his cousin , his friend, for the rest of my life. I never dreamed that his would end before mine. This world has lost an incredible man and my heart is broken knowing that he’s gone. I cannot imagine the pain his family is feeling and if any of his family reads this I want you to know he will forever be one of my heroes. I love you too Dr. Babineaux and I wish I had told you that when I had the chance. I pray your family somehow, some way, feels comfort. I pray you didn’t suffer and you are resting in peace.

  16. Is any information available on funeral or visiting services for Dr Babineaux?
    Former recent patient.
    830 613-0230

    1. I’m here to ask the same question. Have you found out anything regarding his devices? I’ve been checking the obituaries every day and I can’t find anything.
      Is there anyone reading this that can tell us about his services? And his obituary?

      1. “Hello everyone, thanks for all of the kind words about Michael. He definitely was a special man and child of God. For all who are interested, services are Friday November 9, 2018 at 1:00 at Harrell Funeral Home located at 4435 frontier trail, Austin TX 78745”

  17. Dr. Babineaux is sorely missed. I had the honor to work along side him for the last two years. He was an amazing physician. He was skilled and knowledgeable, but also had a huge heart. He was truly compassionate and caring. His patients and colleagues are weeping at the loss of this great doctor. He was also a tremendous family man. An amazing father and husband. He was so excited for the coming of his third child. It was all he talked about. I cannot express the loss we all feel and can’t even imagine the loss for his beautiful family. May God bless his wife and children. He will never be forgotten. RIP brother.

  18. Dr. Babineaux worked alongside his best friend, Dr. Welch. They were a fabulous tea with a very special staff. While he tried to be the tough doctor, he hugged all his patients and they loved him for it. I loved him for that and his immensely silly sense of humor. No matter how short his life, he touched so many people. What a pleasure to have known him, worked with him and served him as he built his practice. May heaven rejoice at his entry! His wife and three children are his legacy. God is greater…

  19. I’m saddened beyond words. This is a tragedy that I am going to regret all my life. Dr. Babineaux had so many reasons to live for a very long time. He leaves to relish in his memories such a beautiful wife and kids. I can only imagine the pain and sadness that all his family and friends are going through.

    Praying for comfort and peace to the Babineaux family. R. I. H. Michael.

  20. I am writing this on my wife’s telephone. Our heart goes out to the family of the good doctor. Not only was he a very good doctor he treated his patience as though they were his best friends. God bless the family our prayers are with you. I was supposed to give him I was to give him cookies called Sandy‘s for Christmas this year. Will miss him tremendously.
    The driver of the other vehicles should be charged with manslaughter and put away for life. ?

  21. When are the authorities going to do something to put an end to the crazy drivers on Hwy 71? Kill a person, go to jail. Kill a biker go to jail. A person who writes a hot check for feeding their family goes to jail. Why are all the killers (crazy drivers) getting off with minor traffic tickets? My brother was killed by a stupid driver turning left just about at the same area. James went to the morgue. The lady went home. She never expressed remorse to us.
    I am very sorry for the doctor’s family. A life was senselessly taken. Call it an accident? No – someone special died. His family will forever be scarred & hurt. Our hearts always ache for our brother, and now, we are aching for the the young doctor. There needs to be justice.
    God Bless the doctor & his family. Cindy

    1. Cindy, I’ve seen your brother’s memory sign and have prayed for his family. I grieve too for the senseless losses on this stretch of road. – a mom in Sweetwater

      1. Thank you, Jeanette, for your prayers for us and our brother, as well as the for the young doctor. TxDot only allows the memorial sign for one year & people forget….The lady turned left & James did not know what hit him. She only got a minor traffic ticket. And DPS failed to do a drug/alcohol test on her. Seems that should have been mandatory. The whole situation was not handled properly. The DA then said they needed to find her at fault for 2 incidents. Failure to yield the right of way was one. Shouldn’t her killing a man have been a 2nd incident? I feel the DPS & DA expensed our brother, because he was a biker on a Harley. He was our baby brother. He was very special to us. He was less than a mile from home when he was killed. He was so happy when he spoke with my sister just a bit earlier. She was making his favorite: a BLT. His siblings and his children have struggled with this. How could a lady kill a man, not express remorse, not be punished, not take a course on driver safety, only get a minor traffic ticket, not pay his funeral expenses, etc….. I hope & pray the young doctor’s family gets some type of justice. Sorry to ramble…it still hurts very deeply that James is no longer with us due to someone’s negligence. Not too many days without tears in our eyes. If I were someone who did such, I would whatever I could to try to ease the family’s pain and continue daily to try to “make it right”. Thanks again, Jeanette. Knowing that someone cares means so much. Kindest Regards-Cindy

  22. My heart is broken. Although I had been in Dr. Babineaux’s care for a short time, I found that he was an incredible physician. Taking time to answer all of my questions, showing compassion and care, he epitomized what a physician should be. I can only imagine that he was a loving and caring husband and father. I pray for comfort and peace for his family.

  23. My sincere condolences to his family and colleagues. He was my doctor and he had compassion for his patients. I’m sure everyone who ever met him would agree that he was a perfect example of how doctors should care for their patients. He will be greatly missed. God please comfort his family and give them peace and understanding during their time of grief.

  24. Wow. This is so sad. I have visited with Dr. Babineaux several times, and he has performed several procedures on me. He was truly a nice guy who was good at his job. This is a sad day for his family and everyone whom knew him.

  25. I was deeply saddened to hear of Dr. Babinreaux’s untimely tragic accident. He saved my life 4 months ago and comforted my wife Debi when she was distraught. A vein in my liver had burst, lost a lot of blood and there was difficulties in stopping the blood flow. At one time during the operation Dr. Babineaux told Debi that I may have to go to another hospital making it the 3rd hospital in one day. Debi got teared up and Dr. Babineaux hugged her and told her that everything was going to be fine. He was right.
    Prior to the operation when our Pastor Stacey’s wife Roycee introduced herself, the Dr. Said “you’ve come to pray,” to which Roycee said she had. Dr. Babineaux with a smile that lit up the room said “let’s get started,” extending his hands to Roycee and Debi. Roycee prayed and you could feel the air charged with power. It made all the difference!!
    I came to discover that where I was bleeding is an emergency room’s worst nightmare as there is no guarantee of stopping the bleeding.
    I know Dr. Babineaux is in Heaven, but my heart is heavy for his pregnant wife and children. Very sad! Our prayers are with his family, friends and colleagues. God bless his family and comfort them in this valley of sorrrow. Amen!

  26. I sure hope the driver that used the center turning lane as a passing lane is charged in this accident. Had he not been in such a hurry there wouldn’t be a family mourning the death of their loved one.
    Slow down people and obey the laws if your gonna drive on these streets..
    This was a senseless and very preventable accident that didn’t have to happen had someone obeyed the laws while driving.
    Sending prayers to the family. God bless you all!

      1. Your are so right in the way people drive. My brother killed same place by distracted driver. But yes you understand it. You say the drivers cause the senseless tradgedies.

  27. I had the privilege of working for Dr. Babineaux and his colleague. He was an exceptional physician. My heart breaks for his family. May he rest in peace and paradise.

  28. Why is it all the innocent people die and the morons that causes the accidents are just i jured. Makes me so mad.

    1. I hope they sue that idiot who was driving recklessly. Took an innocent mans life . Charged with manslaughter and I hope he rots in prison

  29. Ms Babineaux, I am so very sorry for the tragic loss of your husband. Hold your children close and take care of that new baby, when she arrives, the yorkue should settle down then. Dr Babineaux was my GI doctor, and he was an awesome doctor, who really cared for his patients. He helped me through a GI Bleed in July and currently wasl working with me on other issues. He will be sorely missed….so hard to believe, I just saw him on Friday. I guess God needed a good doctor in heaven, and you know he only takes the best.

  30. Everyone who knew Dr Babineaux is mourning this tragic loss. He was a talented physician, a friendly and fun-loving co-worker, and an incredible man. We join in prayer for comfort and peace for his beautiful wife and family.

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