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From the city of Marble Falls:

Recent flooding has caused damage to the city of Marble Falls water plant resulting in the implementation of Stage 5 Emergency Water Shortage Conditions of the city’s Drought Contingency Plan. Residents must discontinue all nonessential water use effective immediately.

According to the city’s plan, nonessential usage includes:

  • irrigation of landscaping;
  • washing motor vehicles, boats, trailers, or aircraft;
  • washing sidewalks, driveways, and other hard-surfaced areas;
  • flushing gutters;
  • filling/refilling indoor or outdoor pools or hot tubs;
  • use of water in ponds or fountains for aesthetic purposes except when necessary to support aquatic life;
  • failure to repair a controllable leak in a reasonable amount of time after receiving notice from to do so;
  • use of water in hydrants for construction or for any other purposes outside of firefighting.