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Latest ‘sign’ of development in downtown Marble Falls

A sales office opened this week at 108 Main St. for a planned development next to the Marble Falls Public Library called the Lofts at 99 Main. Staff photo by Jared Fields


The next step in the evolution of downtown Marble Falls came earlier this week when the sales office opened for the Lofts at 99 Main.

The sales office, located at 108 Main St., is marketing 80 residences to be built at 99 Main St. in the currently empty lot next to the Marble Falls Public Library.

Renderings on the development’s website show five stories of residences with retail space on street level.

The Loft at 99 Main declined comment at the moment, but plan to have more information available within the next week.

The marketing of space at the Loft at 99 Main is part of a larger picture of development downtown Marble Falls.

The city continues doing utility work at Lakeside Park in preparation for a planned hotel/conference center.

Wastewater work is complete with gas utilities next to be done, according to Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation executive director Christian Fletcher.

The city is doing it’s part of utility work while the development partner, Novak Cobalt Partners, LLC, continue raising equity in order to finance the project.

Elsewhere on Main Street, the former police department building at 209 Main St. remains on the market.

“There continues to be interest in the old police station property, but nothing has materialized yet,” Fletcher said.

As for the Lofts at 99 Main, the website touts amenities and features such as a heated pool and spa, fitness center, yoga studio, a storage units per residence, and private balconies.

3 thoughts on “Latest ‘sign’ of development in downtown Marble Falls

  1. The fact that the website is not active but is “parked” at GoDaddy does not give one confidence.
    I love the idea of this development in the heart of Marble Falls and would be interested in it.

  2. So this project has a sales office. Are they selling individual units or leasing them? What happens if they only sale half or less of the units? Will the project get scrapped? Also what happens if Novak partners fails to raise enough equity to build the htcc?

  3. Another empty building in want a be marble….have they not learned and still wasting money…why not use million dollar empty new building or empty lobby of PEC pallace…

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