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Dumped barrels removed from San Gabriel River at $7,500 cost; investigation ongoing

Barrel removal


JOPPA — Eight 55-gallon barrels that were illegally dumped into the North Fork of the San Gabriel River were removed Aug. 29.

However, the $7,500 cleanup cost will be absorbed by Burnet County as law enforcement continue investigating the case and searching for a suspect.

The barrels were dumped earlier this month from a steep embankment behind Joppa Church.

Fort Worth-based TAS Environmental conducted the cleanup from an adjacent property. The company removed all the barrels as well as material in the riverbed and will properly dispose of the waste. Crews used a mini-excavator and drum strap in the removal process.

“The adjacent property owner was very gracious about letting us on his property,” said Burnet County Precinct 4 Constable Missy Bindseil.

The barrels contained a solid substance not believed to be toxic. Further tests are being done on collected samples.

The Burnet County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the illegal dumping. Anyone with information regarding the barrels may contact Hill Country Crime Stoppers at (866) 756-8477 or; Precinct 4 Constable Missy Bindseil’s office at (830) 798-3020; or the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office at (512) 756-8080.

4 thoughts on “Dumped barrels removed from San Gabriel River at $7,500 cost; investigation ongoing

  1. I cant believe that small of a job was hired out for 7500 dollars! Really? Im sure someone local with a skid steer would pull them out for nothing or a small fee!

  2. I agree that was a big price for such a little job.. Good to know how the tax dollars are being absorbed though by the county no doubt there…

  3. Any type of environmental clean up is extraordinarilly expensive, especially when the contracted company may not know the substance with which they are dealing.

  4. I recently heard about this incident back in june I was at the county clercks office and i over heard a conversation back this clean up . and I spoke up and told them I would have done it for free but they told they would rather get the tax dollars to pay for it because they had better equimpent and i have two big tractors

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