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BURNET — Runway repairs to the Burnet Municipal Airport are scheduled to be done just before the Bluebonnet AirSho on Sept. 8.

Burnet City Council authorized spending nearly $50,000 to repair damage to the taxiway caused by the Bluebonnet Belle crash in July. Insurance money was not going to be available in time for the air show, so council members decided to spend the money for repairs and be reimbursed later.

Repairs are scheduled to be done Sept. 6-7. The repair estimate is $46,121.47.

Other action items from the Aug. 28 regular meeting included:

• The owner of a house damaged in a February fire has 60 days to demolish the structure, located at 604 S. Rhomberg St. If the property owner does not demolish the home in 60 days, the city will do so and place a lien on the property.

• The city agreed to a contract for another year with the Hill Country Humane Society. The contract is for $46,936.42 for dogs, cats, and other animals to be taken to the shelter by the Burnet animal control officer.

• The city of Burnet approved a five-year contract to provide emergency medical services to the central and northern portions of Burnet County. The annual totals are for $390,789 in fiscal year 2018-19; $410,328.48 in 2019-20; $430,844.88 in 2020-21; $452,387.16 in 2021-22; and $475,006.44 in 2022-23.

• City Council held a public hearing on the upcoming fiscal year budget and tax rate. The proposed tax rate, $0.6237 per $100 valuation, is the same rate as last year.

1 thought on “About $50,000 in repairs to Burnet runway to be done before Sept. 8 air show

  1. I see you put in here 90% of what tool place at the council meeting WHAT about the item that pertained to personal policy that at least one of the council members are trying to push through on the retirees insurance ?????

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