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LLANO — City officials are asking Llano residents to double down on their water conservation efforts after entering Stage 3 restrictions in early July.

Under Stage 3, daily water usage should be down to 800,000 gallons, but, according to a city of Llano media release, daily usage is at about 1 million gallons.

Stage 3 watering restrictions limit landscape watering to twice a week by hand-held hose, faucet-filled bucket, or drip-irrigation system. The use of hose-end sprinklers and permanently installed sprinkler systems is limited to once a week.

The days of the week people can water is based on their addresses.

For hand-held hose, faucet-filled bucket, or drip-irrigation system watering:

• people at even-numbered addresses can water on Thursday and/or Sunday;

• people at odd-numbered addresses can water on Wednesday and/or Saturday;

• and commercial, recreational, and multifamily residence customers can water on Tuesday and/or Friday.

Residents using hose-end sprinklers or sprinkler systems are limited to one day a week.

• Addresses ending with a 0, 2, or 4 can water on Sunday.

• Addresses ending with a 1 or 3 can water on Saturday.

• Addresses ending with a 6 or 8 can water on Thursday.

• Addresses ending with a 5, 7, or 9 can water on Wednesday.

• Commercial and multifamily residence customers with even-numbered addresses can water on Tuesday, while those with odd-numbered address can water on Friday.

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1 thought on “Llano residents still using too much water under Stage 3 restrictions; city issues reminder

  1. Texas is in denial about our water problems. We need to stop people from watering lawns, watering golf courses, etc. Lake Travis is drying up so fast and it was basically full at the beginning of the year.

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