Police charge two girls in bomb threat hoax at Boys and Girls Club unit in Burnet


BURNET — Two female juveniles face terroristic threat charges after confessing to calling in a bomb threat from inside the Burnet unit of the Boys and Girls Club of the Highland Lakes, according to the Burnet Police Department.

The incident happened at about 2 p.m. June 13 in the facility in the 700 block of Northington Street.

“We were notified of a bomb threat. They automatically evacuated the kids to a safe place,” Burnet Police Chief Paul Nelson said.

Police and emergency responders arrived and worked with the club administration to track down the source of the threat.

“(We) started looking into the matter and realized it was someone nearby,” he said. “We located suspects, got confessions, and they’ll be prosecuted through the juvenile court system.”

Two girls under the age of 15 told police they made the call from inside the building.

“Because of the threat and the response from emergency services, it meets the criteria of terroristic threat,” Nelson said. “We take it very seriously.”

The evacuation lasted less than an hour.

Nelson said he believes the two girls confessed because of the swift and sweeping presence of emergency and law enforcement agencies.

“It turned out to be a dumb mistake, but we didn’t know that at the time,” he said. “All emergency personnel take it very serious when we get a call like that. We’re going to make sure the area is safe.”

The suspects were referred to the juvenile justice system for potential prosecution.


4 thoughts on “Police charge two girls in bomb threat hoax at Boys and Girls Club unit in Burnet

  1. It is indeed unfortunate these two youngsters made this prank call. It is sad, particularly, as they need to be made an example of in their punishment. Of course, their parents will be involved in getting parenting training. Maybe every parent of any ISD student should be required to take a parenting course.

    1. Yes it is a sad situation but saying that the parents need to take parenting classes is ridiculous one of the children I know is in a single parent situation her father is a military veteran and works hard to take care of his kids maybe if there was a better support system for single parents or for kids. that boys and girls club doesn’t have good supervision for all those kids they keep daily and I’m not saying that the club is at fault anyways I do hope these kids learned thier lessons though

      1. Brenda – You shame the community for not providing a better support system for single parents or kids, then put down the exact system the community has invested in, to help single parents and kids. Make up your mind!!! Maybe you could use some of your expert leadership and help, or volunteer at the Burnet Boys & Girls, with all those kids they keep daily. I am sure they could use any help they can get. Hope the girls have a different idea of how to get attention and what is funny.

  2. My kids go there and I just want to say thank you to the Officers and all who responded although it was a stupid thing for the kids to do they still took it seriously and protected all the kids that go there. Sitting down and talking to kids is always important but not always effective cause they still make their own choices and don’t think of the outcome at the end. I always tell my kids that things like this will always have Consequences.

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