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BURNET — When people turn 65, they are thrust into a complex world for which many aren’t prepared: Medicare.

To help individuals maneuver through the system, Mackenzie Winterowd, a licensed agent with Premier Medicare Solutions, is leading a seminar at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 20, at the Herman Brown Free Library, 100 S. Washington.

The free event is for people who are on Medicare or are about to get on Medicare as well as caregivers and concerned friends of those who rely on the program. Attendees are asked to bring a pen, paper, and questions.

“My goal is to make it simple,” Winterowd said. “When they leave, I want them to leave with the knowledge of basic components of Medicare. There’s a willingness to learn and sit and figure it out.”

The goal is to educate people so they know they’re “not stuck with plain ol’ Medicare.”

“The focus is what Medicare is and its different components and what (individuals) can expect,” she said. “There’s not enough education out there. Medicare covers (a lot), but (people) don’t know the options there are. I want to help them navigate.”

Winterowd sees the number of senior citizens working jobs as cashiers or cart pushers and knows some are doing so because they are trying to earn enough money to cover the gap they have in their Social Security checks and medical costs.

She believes the information she offers will help them get more value out of Medicare, a system they’ve paid into throughout their working lives.

Now, it’s time that system works in favor of the people who contributed so much, she added.

“I love people, but I especially love seniors,” she said. “They are a forgotten people group. I want to make their lives easier.”

Contact Winterowd at or (512) 599-9527 for more information.