Granite Shoals hires company to find interim city manager


Granite Shoals City HallGRANITE SHOALS — The Granite Shoals City Council is tapping an outside firm to help identify an interim city manager after former City Manager Ken Nickel abruptly resigned in February.

The council is bringing in Texas First Group, the same company that helped connect the city with three previous interim city managers.

The council made the announcement at the conclusion of a special meeting March 7.

Assistant City Manager Peggy Smith will continue to serve as acting city manager “with the council’s full support” until it announces an interim.

“I wasn’t given an indication of how long it will be or how soon they’ll arrive,” Smith said. “They had chosen to bring in what I believe they consider a professional city manager.

Texas First Group helped the Granite Shoals in previous city manager transitions by bringing in interims Marvin Townsend, John Hatchell, and John Gayle.

Don Davis, a partner in Texas First Group, has a list of individuals who serve as interim city managers, Smith said.

“It’s a matter of reaching out and finding someone who would be a fit for the city and is willing to work,” she said.

In the past, the group has sent two or three candidates to interview for the job, and the council members made a selection.

“It’s possible they could have somebody here to interview Tuesday,” Smith said.

The council will have a regular meeting Tuesday, March 13, in its chambers, 2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road.

An interim allows council members an opportunity to do a comprehensive search for a new city manager.

“One of the interims in the past, his job was to lead (the council) through the process of finding a permanent city manager,” Smith said. “Generally, folks who work for Texas First are in for a short period of time. Some do two or three (interim) stints a year. The ones I met weren’t interested in being permanent city managers.”

As part of compensation, the interim will receive mileage reimbursement and lodging in addition to earnings.

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  1. les fenter says:

    Shame on the immature Granite Shoals City Council members who short-sightedly ran off the best City Manager the City ever had(IMHO). Wish someone would take the time to publish the significant improvements and programs instituted by Mr. Nickel. Mr. Nickel is a man of integrity who delivered what the City of Granite Shoals needed. My best wishes to the City and to Mr. Nickel.


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