Llano County Sheriff’s Office cracks down on Kingsland ‘meth’ houses


Kingsland meth house bustsKINGSLAND — Authorities on Feb. 25 conducted a sweep of two houses in the Royal Oaks subdivision of Kingsland and arrested several suspects on drug-related charges, according to the Llano County Sheriff’s Office.

The operation happened sometime before dawn in the 400 block of Gold Street.

“There were two houses we hit at the same time across the street from each other,” Llano County Sheriff Bill Blackburn said.

In all, 11 people were detained and questioned at the time of the sweep. Seven were taken into custody.

Suspects listed addresses from Buchanan Dam and Kingsland to Marble Falls and Granite Shoals.

“Everybody has it going on in every town,” said Blackburn regarding the illegal drug activity. “Nearly every domestic arrest, there’s drugs and alcohol. Almost every burglary, there’s some kind of drugs involved.”

Arrested and charged were:

• Chance Braziel, 20, manufacturing/delivery of a controlled substance;

• David Casarez, 35, parole warrant and failure to identify;

• Coquetia Morgan, 26, manufacturing/delivery of a controlled substance

• Jacob Murley, 31, manufacturing/delivery of a controlled substance;

• Robert Robinson, 61, manufacturing/delivery of a controlled substance

• Tiffany Scales, 30, manufacturing/delivery of a controlled substance;

• and Blane Taylor, 35, possession of a controlled substance.

The sheriff’s office had been developing the case over a period of time.

“This was all the work of Llano County deputies and investigators,” Blackburn said. “I’m fortunate to have a bunch of dedicated officers who work with me.”

Investigators said they will continue their efforts to find more “drug houses” and arrest suspects.

“We’re going to keep working on it,” the sheriff said. “We’re just trying to discourage the use.”


3 Responses to “Llano County Sheriff’s Office cracks down on Kingsland ‘meth’ houses”

  1. James says:

    Seems like the LCSO was about two year too late. But at least they finally got around to doing something.

  2. Al says:

    @James – If you know something is happening then call it in, that is what tip lines are for.

  3. Tish says:

    This drug has destroyed families and it affects everyone it touches. At first I hear it makes you feel like super human and then it starts the process of killing you . Make no mistake most folks on this drug want off this drug but the addiction is strong. I’ve never seen a person get off without a GOD intervention.
    As a society we need immediate treatment for these folks and the majority are self medicating they used ADHD medication as kids on parents insurance or Medicaid and now can not afford it. ADHD is a real disease and can be treated by an MD Addiction is a disease and can be treated. I am blessed I have no addictions but I would take Blane Taylor’s addiction and give my life if I knew he could be healthy and whole again.
    He has been in Port Aransas 6 months volunteering and helping others he’s only been in Kingsland 3 days before this raid. My prayer is that he gets the help he needs now .


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