Don’t be the Grinch’s next victim; protect yourself against Christmas thieves


MARBLE FALLS — ‘Tis the season for thieves, so the Marble Falls Police Department has a gift of tips to keep you from becoming a victim during the Christmas shopping crunch.

“Most of our thieves are opportunistic,” Sgt. Barry Greer said. “A car full of presents or toys is a prime opportunity for the taking, especially when the doors are left unlocked.”

Last-minute shoppers might find themselves wrapped up in grabbing the perfect gift — even more reason to stay vigilant in hectic department stores.

“Just keep an eye on your wallet and your purse,” Greer said. “If it’s in your vehicle, make sure it’s hidden out of sight and locked up.”

Investigators have found the biggest deterrent for thieves involves access.

“The vast majority of our auto burglaries are unlocked vehicles,” he said.

Authorities remind shoppers to Take, Lock, Hide (take your keys, lock your car, and hide your valuables).

The following is a list of common sense tips to keep thieves off your Christmas list:

  • avoid parking in poorly lit locations;
  • place your packages in the trunk;
  • avoid placing gifts in a window with your Christmas tree;
  • avoid leaving empty boxes at the curb; break them down and dispose of them out of sight;
  • and report suspicious activity or behavior.

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