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Armed man in road rage incident recovers from gunshot wounds


SMITHWICK — An armed man shot by an off-duty Austin police officer is recovering from at least two gunshots wounds following an alleged “road rage” incident in Burnet County.

As of Dec. 4, the 55-year-old suspect remained at Dell Seton Medical Center in Austin awaiting questioning by investigators.

According to the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office report, two cars traveling west on RR 1431 on Nov. 30 collided at about 10 p.m. about a half-mile west of the FM 1174 intersection.

Investigators said the armed man’s vehicle left the roadway after rear-ending a second car, occupied by a Cottonwood Shores family of three.

The report stated that the driver of the ditched vehicle stepped out of the car brandishing a handgun and “pointed it at the other vehicle.”

“When (the family) stopped, they saw the gun and they fled,” Burnet County Sheriff Calvin Boyd said.

At about the same time, an unidentified off-duty Austin Police Department officer traveling westbound to his residence in Burnet County noticed the man with the firearm and stopped.

“He witnessed that the man had a gun,” Boyd said. “They did exchange gunfire.”

The suspect fled. Peace officers eventually found him unconscious in the brush, and an emergency crew airlifted him to an Austin emergency room.

Medical staff reported him in stable condition the following morning.

“We just need to interview the suspect,” said Boyd of the man, who was hospitalized with non-life-threatening wounds.

“There will be charges,” the sheriff added.

BCSO is investigating with the assistance of the Texas Rangers.

4 thoughts on “Armed man in road rage incident recovers from gunshot wounds

  1. Doesn’t really sound like road rage to me. Sounds more like an attack/robbery attempt. But anything is possible. Is there anymore news on the topic?

  2. I’ve yet only heard one side of the story. (BTW, how do crazy people get their hands on the keys to a car?)

  3. “Road Rage” is an appropriate title for this article. Let us ALL stop, take a breath, and resolve to promote peace, harmony, understanding and agape. Pls pray for all involved in this unfortunate incident.
    BTW, a friend of mine was driving on SA loop 410 when a road-rager threw a tire iron at his vehicle as the perp. sped by! If fewer cars had spares and tire irons, road rage would diminish… . . ???

  4. Well, it looks like not everyone is sufficiently armed. Maybe if the little child had a gun, none of this would have happened. BTW, how do crazy people get their hands on guns again?

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