Marble Falls man cleared of intoxication manslaughter, sentenced on probation violation


Jimmy Lerma

Jimmy Lerma

BURNET — A Burnet County grand jury cleared a Marble Falls man of an intoxication manslaughter charge, but the defendant still faces a prison sentence for violating his probation due to alcohol detected in his system at the time of the incident, officials say.

On Nov. 7, a Burnet County grand jury no-billed Jimmy Lerma, 50, on the charge of intoxication manslaughter, a second-degree felony.

The case involved the July 30 death of 36-year-old Jerrod Bradford Young of Mount Pleasant, who was walking in the southbound inside lane on U.S. 281 in Marble Falls just after 10:45 p.m.

“(Lerma) was following behind another car in the inside lane southbound on 281 (south of Stripes), and he noticed the car in front of him swerve abruptly into the outside lane, and he felt a collision,” Marble Falls Police Capt. Glenn Hanson said. “He stopped to try to see what he hit. That’s when he saw Mr. Young in the roadway.

“(Lerma) remained on scene and cooperated with investigators,” he added. “He was noticeably upset.”

According to the police report, Lerma was charged on suspicion of driving while intoxicated when an investigating officer “detected an odor of alcohol.”

“It was presented to the grand jury as all deaths are,” Hanson said. “With the presentation of the facts (alleging intoxication manslaughter). They returned a no bill.”

A no bill reflects that a grand jury did not perceive enough evidence existed to take the case to a trial for prosecution.

“The results came back (that) he was not legally intoxicated, so he won’t be charged with a DWI,” said Hanson of the charge on the night of the incident.

However, toxicology results did indicate a “detectable amount of alcohol” in Lerma’s system, which resulted in a review of Lerma’s probationary status on an unrelated charge, officials confirmed.

At the time of the collision, Lerma was serving probation for a May 2017 charge of possession of a controlled substance in Llano County.

“Because he had a detectable amount of alcohol in his blood, it violated his supervised release, so he (is scheduled to be) sent to (the Texas Department of Criminal Justice) to serve out the remainder of that sentence,” Hanson said. “I believe it to be four years.”

According to court documents, Lerma’s probation was revoked Nov. 3.

As of Nov. 21, Lerma remained in the Burnet County Jail awaiting transport to a facility with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, according to a Burnet County Jail official.

3 Responses to “Marble Falls man cleared of intoxication manslaughter, sentenced on probation violation”

  1. Tgm says:

    Glad to see the retraction and correction printed concerning Mr. Lerma’s charges

  2. Editor says:

    This article about a Burnet County grand jury’s decision regarding the intoxication manslaughter charge against Jimmy Lerma is simply a followup to a previous story. It is neither a correction nor a retraction. The original article was factual based on information provided by law enforcement at that time.

  3. GS says:

    I’m that glad this “saint” is in prison where he belongs. A real class act with his drug charges and all… Perhaps it was a little too late for some. I know the law has a cutoff for intoxication but it makes you wonder just how much alcohol may have played a role in reaction time. He should have already been serving time prior to the accident. Our justice system can be a real joke sometimes.

    I still feel for the family of the deceased. Accidents happen but the victims can be forgotten all too soon.


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