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JOHNSON CITY — Legal counsel for the suspended Johnson City police chief has vowed to discredit the mayor’s decision, which was connected to a performance review. A public hearing is scheduled for Nov. 27.

Johnson City Mayor Dawn Capra recently suspended Chief Randy Holland. A final decision on the matter is pending action by the Johnson City City Council.

“We have filed, among other things, a detailed response to Mayor Capra’s Nov. 9, 2017, Performance Review and recommendation to the City Council to terminate Chief Holland,” according to a statement by Holland’s attorney, Zachary P. Hudler. “We urge the citizens and those interested in Johnson City to request a copy of our response and supporting exhibits from Mayor Capra and to attend the hearing.

“We are confident that the City Council will disregard Mayor Capra’s baseless recommendation to terminate Chief Holland after it is presented with our response and evidence,” the statement continued.

Capra provided an email statement regarding the suspension.

“Chief Holland has been suspended as police chief pending council decision on his employment,” Capra wrote. “Officer Marty Corcoran is acting interim chief in the meantime.”

The public hearing, which Holland requested be open to the public, is scheduled for 6 p.m. Nov. 27 at Johnson City City Hall, 303 E. Pecan Drive.

“It is apparent from Mayor Capra’s statements to media outlets and prior City Council minutes that the City Council was not consulted prior to her adverse actions against Chief Holland,” Hudler stated.

The Johnson City City Council is expected to address the issue during its Dec. 5 regular meeting.

2 thoughts on “Johnson City police chief gets public hearing following suspension

  1. You summed up my sentiments. Mayer Caper puts females in leadership and politics a bad name. An abuse of power will only harm Johnson City. Please find something serious to address.

  2. Myself being a former newspaper in Johnson City. With his help we took our complaint to City Hall.Thats where I first met Dawn. She and the city Council were no help. And the then police chief had no memory of it. They swept it under the rug.
    We had a concession trailer we ran during the Christmas season. That where we first met Randy Holland. He came up to our trailer barking like a dog. Scared my wife. And made a foever friend at the same time. HER having a disability there were times that we needed Chief Holland’s help. He was always there for us no matter what. He took a special interest in her as he has too several special needs individuals in Johnson City. When we opened a resale shop again Randy was there for us. He supported us and even gave us furniture out of his own garage to sell. I not just us. I’ve seen Randy support and help so many people in this town. And all he asked for it was that people follow the law and do right and share the love. I’VE Seen Randy help school Kids,the elderly,you average joe,businessmen,visitorsetc. I’ve never seen him have a bad day or a bad word to say about anyone. I know his job is a hard one. My Dad was a Police Officer many years. It takes a special man to keep a good attitude through all they go through.
    When I heard he was suspended,I could not believe it. I had to ask,is this for real. I’ve seen no man or police officer sence the death of another great man Sheriff Bill Elsbery as good as Randy Holland.Two men with great and alike souls. Willing to put there lives on the line to protect us and really care about each one of us in a special way.
    Now Mayor Dawn Caper is in my opinion and my dealings with her. She seems to be a very intelligent lady who thinks highly of herself.She likes to get things done her way. She follows her own little group of friends.During her years as mayer she has done many wonderfull things for the city. But with power comes greed. With knowing all facts I feel she had overstepped her authority on this one. Her Facebook pages shows nonething but praise for Chief Holland and his department. Why so much hate now? What could he have done so wrong to cost him his job.
    One theory.Someone is trying to stab him in the back or get revenge for him doing his job. I ‘ve had that done to me several times when I lived in Johnson City.Seams the way they do business there. If you don’t have a grandpa with a famous Johnson City name or fit in the right click it’s hard to do business in this small town usa.

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