Former Horseshoe Bay Resort restaurant staff face theft ring charges


HORSESHOE BAY — Investigators filed organized theft charges against four former Horseshoe Bay Resort restaurant employees.

Horseshoe Bay police reported that the staff members allegedly engaged in “a theft ring that targeted the resort food and beverage department.”

“Police were contacted by resort executives after an internal audit revealed funds began (going) missing from sales receipts in the Yacht Club restaurant February of 2017,” a police department release stated. “The resulting audit estimated that over $22,000 was stolen from February through September of 2017.”

The following were charged with third-degree felony engaging in organized criminal activity: Joseph Evan Higley, 42; Alexander William Aguilar, 40; Journey Lorene Bruns, 26; and Amanda Marie Lewis, 34.

“(T)hose employees were internally manipulated by the moving (of) a percentage of the actual food and drink bill into employee tips,” the release stated. “Thus, the resort was the actual victim of the crime and customers were unaffected.”

If convicted, the suspects each face up to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

They were booked into the Llano County Jail.

7 thoughts on “Former Horseshoe Bay Resort restaurant staff face theft ring charges

    1. “Great” “young” people? Great? No, they aren’t great, they are greedy. Young? Maybe the 26 year old is “young”, but even at 26 she should know right from wrong, being “young” isn’t an excuse. They are all old enough to know better.

  1. Agreed- they were the backbone of the excellent service at the yacht club restaurant. A devastating loss to the restaurant. The GM there is a great person, as well so will really beat them up right on the eve of all the holiday business. Why do people do that? If you don’t like your life, try to do something else, or if you are angry at the world, seek help, counsel, etc. This was really shocking.

  2. Wow. I am in shock and I believe Amanda Lewis is married to a Burnet County Sheriff’s Deputy. Don’t be fooled by beauty or charm I bet they are all snakes. Great people – the backbone? Really people, crooks are always good at being fake. I wouldn’t give them the credit or satisfaction, THESE ARE NOT DECENT PEOPLE. People always get what they deserve eventually. What ever happened to working hard for what you have – if you are in need, work harder or get a better job. Is money really worth prison time/probation and humiliation?

  3. To Local citizen:
    Yes it was shocking. Shocking because, as stated by Susie and Dan Patrick, these are great people, extremely hard working, and yes, the backbone of the place. Obviously, they screwed up. We all make mistakes. So unless you have lived a completely unblemished life, free from all sin, please refrain from your snarky commentary. “Don’t be fooled by beauty or charm”….. you sound, dare I say….jealous. What happened? Did Amanda steal your husband or something?

  4. Please be reminded that this is the United States of America. Each of these individuals is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Many are wrongfully charged each and every day in cities all across America.

  5. Let’s do the math: $22k over 6 months = $44 over 12 when extrapolated. ALLEGEDLY, this had been ONGOING. OK $44k divided by 4 persons is $11k each. There are lots of people reading this that do that sort of cheating every year from taxes to insurance. Not justifying crime – just setting perspective. This sort of organization usually requires an organizer. Hmmmm. The article awkwardly reads: ““(T)hose employees were internally manipulated by the moving (of) a percentage…” which makes NO sense. It was rewritten and not well proofread. The investigation may be ongoing. The opening: “(T)hose employees were internally manipulated” may imply that the article’s writer said too much and was told to retract that info. WHO MANIPULATED THOSE EMPLOYEES? There’s your “organizer”. Of course – all persons are innocent until proven guilty…

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