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MARBLE FALLS — The city of Marble Falls will go head to head with a proposed rock crushing operation by taking steps to annex land south of the city limits.

City officials believe Asphalt Inc. operation plans near the southwest intersection of Texas 71 and U.S. 281 threatens the fledgling Gregg Ranch development of hundreds of homes.

The city scheduled two public hearings regarding annexing the land, which includes swaths of the property on which the proposed rock crusher would sit.

Both hearings are at noon — the first one on Oct. 24 and the second on Oct. 30 — in City Council chambers, 800 Third St. in Marble Falls.

“At said time and place, all such persons shall have the right to appear and be heard,” according to the city’s public notice of the hearings.

8 thoughts on “Marble Falls sets annexation hearings to combat rock crusher plans

  1. Who profits from the Gregg Ranch development or annexation of the proposed land site south of the Marble Falls City limits?
    I am a long time Marble Falls Resident and business owner.
    It alarms me when the city attempts to take control of not just the businesses that are set up but also the land use.
    Our home is surrounded by 6 rock crushing companies. We have dealt with traffic, noise, water and air issues.
    It’s difficult for me to understand why the Marble Falls Economic Dev. Corp. is “coaxing” a manufacturing company to the Marble Falls Business Tech. Park while opposing Asphalt Inc., who purchased the land with a specific purpose in mind, and now the city is attempting re-zone the property for it’s own benefit.
    We attempted to purchase property in the Business Park but were denied because it was not considered manufacturing. Years later a company just like ours opened up in the park.
    Verizon wanted to place a cell tower on some our property, the city denied the request, later we find out the tower was placed on city property.
    Didn’t the mayor work for granite mountain when he first arrived in Marble Falls?
    Do empolyees of granite companies inhale dust particles while working on a daily basis?
    Where does CITY control end?
    I am just attempting to understand all sides to the story.

  2. Corky, i think your right.

    To the rock crusher/noise polluter/aquifer drainer/traffic snarlier and just plain environmental hazard….go find another county to do your big money making business…

    Everyone loves making money…i know i do….but don’t make the surrounding community angry. The community has expressed their Feelings and thoughts.

    Do your part and respect the citizens of Burnet county.

  3. Sounds like rock crushing companies are posting the previous comments.

  4. All Marble Falls cares about is shopping and minimum wage jobs coming in. Who do they think is going love into these homes? More out of towhees. Marble Falls needs to focus on repairing existing streets, making sure the people who already live in the city limits have affordable housing. Annex land to stop good paying jobs is just bad. I have first hand knowledge of rock crushing plants and Marble Falls is just clueless.

  5. I do not want marble falls annex out here. Not interested in money and land grab. Do not need new subdivision. If wanted to live in marble falls OR Austin would have moved there. Pay enough of their damned school tax now do not need more.

    1. Lee unfortunately the leaders of this city do not care about who they tick off when they do involuntary annexations. Their only concern is how much control they have along with how much money is lining the pockets of select people. The quarry coming in was nothing more then the perfect scenerio to give them justification for grabbing more land. Problem reaction solution is what they use. Now they have had several land owners coming out in opposition to the annexation with a few outside the area who know they will be the next target are starting to think twice. This a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation. The crusher will be built and those in the annexation will be paying the city’s debt load. And no homes will be built once the crusher gets built.

  6. Typical of the city to do them at noon when most folks effected would be at work. Can’t have those opposed showing up voicing their opposition to what is nothing more then a desperate land grab and feeble attempt at keeping a large company from doing business. Oh and I am pretty sure they might be having them too close together.less than one week apart. What about the third meeting where final passage will happen or are they going to ramrod it through on the 2nd meeting?

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