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School bus driver removes child who flashed unloaded BB gun


BURNET — School officials are reminding parents to keep tabs on their children’s backpacks following an incident where an elementary student brought an unloaded BB gun onto the school bus in his backpack.

Around 4 p.m. Oct. 10, witnesses on the Burnet Consolidated Independent School District bus noticed the child with the BB gun.

As soon as the school bus driver became aware of the situation, the driver removed the student from the bus, contacted the school resource officer and the child’s parents.

Letters were sent to parents the following day alerting them of the circumstances of the incident.

The BCISD Student Code of Conduct specifically prohibits any firearms, including air rifles, paintball or BB guns.

Consequences for bringing prohibited items to school can include expulsion, in-school suspension or placement in the discipline alternative education program.

Each situation is evaluated individually.

1 thought on “School bus driver removes child who flashed unloaded BB gun

  1. Congratulations, BCISD!!! Way to set the example and keep our kids safe!!! Who knows it’s a BB gun. I recall an incident (not saying where) when a youngster was shot and killed by brandishing a BB gun at a law-enforcement officer. Don’t put your kids in that situation. Remember police officers face the unknown when they approach a suspect shooter.

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