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HORSESHOE BAY — During a non-presidential election year, voters go to the polls Nov. 7 to decide on bond issues, some city and school elections, and a few state constitutional amendments.

The voter registration deadline for all Texans is Oct. 10, which includes new voters as well as those with address changes since the previous election.

Early voting is Oct. 23-Nov. 3.

Locally, Horseshoe Bay residents have a city council race on their ballot.

Current Mayor Steve Jordan is listed on the ballot unopposed for mayor. Incumbents Councilwoman Cynthia Clinesmith and Councilman Reagan Lambert have filed to try to reclaim their seats.

Challenger Dennis Hoover is also running for a seat.

Horseshoe Bay voters will choose two from the three listed.

Granite Shoals has opted for what city leaders have deemed an “affirmation” proposition election for residents to vote on a $3 million bond package for street upgrades.

In November 2016, voters previously approved the same $3 million bond proposition; however, city leaders later discovered a federal grant for which they had applied, and received, wouldn’t cover as much as they were first told. City leaders are asking residents to affirm they still want to expend the previously approved bonds, even though it means scaling back the project’s scope.

The following is a summary of state constitutional amendments:

• property tax exemptions for certain partially disabled veterans and/or surviving spouses, who received charitable housing donations;

• banking authorization to engage in savings promotions using mechanisms such as raffles;

• authorize sports foundations more leeway in conducting charitable raffles;

• allow property tax exemptions for surviving spouses of first responders killed while on duty;

• require state leader notification by courts regarding constitutional challenges to state legislation;

• set term limits on governor-appointed officeholders to coincide with legislative sessions;

• and de-regulate restrictions on borrowing against home equity.