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BERTRAM — The Texas Department of Public Safety has identified the victims of a fatal collision that happened Oct. 2 on an accident-plagued stretch of Texas 29.

The collision was reported at 7:41 a.m. at the intersection of CR 304, almost 5 miles east of Burnet.

According to the DPS report, 56-year-old Pamela Stewart of Bertram was stopped in the westbound lane in a 2015 Ford Focus, waiting to turn onto CR 304.

A 2013 Dodge Ram pickup, driven by 56-year-old Mark Salley of Leander, was traveling westbound in the same lane when he collided with the back of the Focus.

The Focus then rolled off the roadway, the report stated.

The pickup then collided with an eastbound 2013 Ford Escape, driven by 52-year-old Dena Kolb of Burnet.

Kolb was pronounced dead at the scene by Burnet County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Lisa Whitehead.

Stewart was transported to a Baylor Scott and White medical facility. She was later pronounced dead by Bell County Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace David Barfield.

Salley was taken to Seton Medical Center Williamson in Round Rock, where he was treated and released for non-incapacitating injuries.

DPS has reported a number of accidents on this stretch of roadway in the past two years, typically with vehicles stopped to make turns in an area with no center turn-lane.

13 thoughts on “Two Burnet County women killed in three-car collision on Texas 29

  1. I want to know if Mark Salley has been arrested for killing my sister and Dena. This was 100% unavoidable!!

  2. Why wasn’t this man charged?? Dena Kolb was a dear friend and leaves behind a horribly grieving family!! Either he was drunk, speeding or driving wrecklessly. He should pay for murdering these 2 wonderful people!

  3. Thanks to the moron who wasn’t paying attention and caused the death of two innocent people. Hope that text message was worth two lives.

  4. Aunt Pam it isn’t fair that you were taken from us so soon. We will never understand why. I do know that we have a beautiful Angel watching over us.

    I love you!!

  5. So very sad…condolences to the families of these two women.Once a month we drive early morning on Highway 29 from Burnet to Ausin. More than once we have had near misses by speeding large vehicles moving lane to lane, some with drivers with phones in front of their faces. More early morning patrol visibility would also help slow traffic in that area unti turning lanes are installed.
    On a positive note, turn lanes are being added to Hwy 29. So grateful for the one installed this weekend at CR139.

  6. There is a simple answer to this… TURN LANES!!!!!! This has happened way too many times! People are flying down the road, in the fast lane, and it doesn’t take much to miss the fact that someone is stopped and turning. When I moved here I was shocked the only thing separating oncoming traffic was a tiny yellow line. Something needs to be done about this!

  7. Just 3 days after the last fatalities at c.r.304 and hwy.29,there is another one this morning Prayers are with them,didnt look good,,,Burnet need a turn lane NOW.I have been out here 18 yrs,this is probably the 4th or 5th death at this area.Traffic has tripled in this time.My taxes keep going uo on average,close to 100$ every year.Time for a turn lane instead of filling same pot holes every year. Last year school bus was involved, turn lane started right away in two areas.Yes we dont need kids hurt,I understand that,but what about the parents and grandparents of these kids

  8. My prayers and God’s strength are with Denas family, she was one that planted Happy Memories in your Heart, forever.

  9. Prayers to the families that lost their loved ones.

    Since the State isn’t in a big hurry to fix this turn lane problem.

    The least they can do that would make a big difference in my opinion is from
    Seward Junction to Fuzzy’s Corner is install signs similar to the School bus signs stating “No Center Turn Lane Please Drive caution” or something to that effect every 3 miles or so.

    The intersection at Hwy 29 and old highway 29 where the Rio Ancho development turn off is another death trap.

    1. So sad..condolences to families..Wish State hwy. Dept. Would put a turn lane..why must so many pointlessly loose their lives.

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