Ex-Burnet car dealership GM to pay restitution to local 4-H in show calf cash plea deal


Kirk Edmund Hagen

Kirk Edmund Hagen

BURNET — A former car dealership general manager has agreed to pay restitution to the Burnet County 4-H program in a plea deal related to charges he used dealership money to purchase a show calf, according to court documents.

Kirk Edmund Hagen, a real estate agent who formerly worked for Cecil Atkission Motors in Burnet, accepted the plea deal Aug. 16 from the 33rd/424th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Attorneys agreed to reduce Hagen’s initial charge of state felony theft ($1,500-$20,000) to a class A misdemeanor charge.

His sentence includes two years’ probation and $2,500 in restitution, according to the district attorney’s office.

Hagen was accused of using dealership money to pay for a show calf instead of purchasing vehicles and advertising for the dealership, a Burnet Police Department report stated.

“I spoke with the victim (car dealership owner), and after talking with (Hagen’s) attorney, we worked out a plea,” Assistant District Attorney Amber Myers said. “He agreed to pay $2,500. He’s going to pay the restitution to the Burnet County 4-H.”

Hagen was indicted in January on the initial charge, which carried a potential penalty of two years in a state jail facility with a conviction.

In a Sept. 11 phone call to Hagen, he declined to comment.


4 Responses to “Ex-Burnet car dealership GM to pay restitution to local 4-H in show calf cash plea deal”

  1. Rick says:

    Awful sweet deal to avoid going to court.

  2. Don says:

    Used car dealer turns out to be crook. Imagine that!

  3. Lane says:

    Well at least the kids will benefit from his plea deal.

  4. Bulldog says:

    Cecil keeps bringing these scumbags to town by employing nothing but criminals. Now they get to make up and make plea Deals with each other. While we have keep letting them stay in our community.


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