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KINGSLAND — To Charlie Flatten, there’s never a bad time to talk about conserving water, especially in the Highland Lakes.

The Hill Country Alliance water policy program manager will present “Water 101: Water Conservation in the Texas Hill Country” at 1:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 8, at the Kingsland Branch Library, 125 W. Polk St.

The free program is presented by the Kingsland Garden Club.

“The Hill Country’s predominate weather pattern is a drought,” Flatten said. “Water conservation is always smart.”

Water conservation will be a part of the presentation, he said, but he’ll also talk about where Highland Lakes residents get their water and who is in charge of it. He noted the Colorado River feeds into many other lakes, aquifers, and rivers.

“If we take too much water out of the aquifers, the rivers stop flowing,” Flatten said, ”and (that) affects your pocketbook, not just your way of life.”

Like so many, Flatten loves to canoe, boat, and other water activities. During the height of the most recent drought, boating was a challenge. That meant fewer people buying gas and food and even traveling for overnight stays in the Highland Lakes. When the local economy isn’t strong, it affects jobs and spending, he said.

“It’s bad for everybody,” he said.

People can do small things to conserve water such as washing full loads of laundry and opting for showers instead of baths. In addition, residents can turn off the shower as they shampoo their hair and apply soap to their bodies. Using water collection barrels designed to catch rainwater used for plants and lawns is another way to conserve water, Flatten said.

Call (325) 388-8849 for more information about the presentation.

2 thoughts on “‘Water 101’ and how to conserve precious Highland Lakes resource

  1. Conservation of water is something we all need to ptactice. Charlie Flatten knows Hill Country water. That includes its sources and how to use less of it. Thanks for telling us about another excellent program by Hill Country Alliance.

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