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KINGSLAND — An investigation by several Burnet County law enforcement agencies as well as the state fire marshal led authorities to shutter a Kingsland motel after officials cited a number of health and safety concerns.

On June 5, the State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office, Burnet County Precinct 1 Constable Leslie Ray, and Burnet County Precinct 4 Constable Missy Bindseil investigated and inspected the Lake LBJ Motel, 13813 RR 1431. The two constables had filed “numerous complaints” to the State Fire Marshal’s Office in regard to the motel.

During the June 5 investigation, the agencies inspected about 23 rooms, “which revealed more health and safety concerns than initially discovered,” according to a sheriff’s office media release.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office issued a mandatory vacate order for everyone staying at the motel. Officials said about 15 rooms were occupied at the time of the order.

The vacate order is in place “until the identified problems are corrected and fixed,” the sheriff’s office release stated. The BCSO Victims Services coordinator is working with the people who were staying at the motel to locate housing.

“The main concern is for the safety, security, and welfare of all the tenants that occupy the location as well as the surrounding properties and homeowners in the area,” according to the sheriff’s office release.

3 thoughts on “Local and state law enforcement close Kingsland’s Lake LBJ Motel

  1. Joe, what difference would it make to you if you knew what violations they were cited for? I’d put money on it that you haven’t stayed there and don’t plan on it in the future. As long as the violations are taken care of, it shouldn’t matter.

  2. Every since the guy that owns it lost his mom , it just started going down hill, she got ran over in front of the motel crossing the road. It devastated him. But maybe this will open his eyes because this is his way of living..

  3. Would be nice to know a few details beyond just “which revealed more health and safety concerns than initially discovered,”….specifically WHAT health and safety concerns…

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