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Suspects face child abuse charges in separate cases

Larry Dean Watson

Larry Dean Watson


KINGSLAND — A Kingsland man faces a child abuse charge after Kingsland School officials sent an elementary-aged student to the emergency room with a head injury, according to a Burnet County Sheriff’s Office report.

After an investigation, Burnet County deputies charged Stephen Kraig Sanders, 31, with injury to a child.

He was arrested May 19 and released the next day on a $75,000 surety bond.

The case unfolded May 19 when a child under the age of 15 made an outcry at the charter school in Kingsland. The incident did not happen at the school.

According to the complaint documents, Sanders is accused of striking the girl in the back of the head, causing swelling and resulting in a trip to a nearby hospital for treatment.

If convicted of the third-degree felony charge, Sanders faces two to 10 years in prison.

In a separate case, a California man faces a string of child sexual abuse charges after a number of indictments, according to Burnet County court documents.

Larry Dean Watson
Larry Dean Watson

Larry Dean Watson of Fortuna, California, faces 11 counts of indecency with a child (contact) and 11 counts of sexual assault of a child, Burnet County Jail records show.

The alleged incidents happened during a one-year period and involved a girl between the ages of 14 and 16. Marble Falls police first arrested the suspect in August 2016 after the alleged victim told an investigator Watson had been sexually assaulting her.

Authorities arrested Watson on May 23 in regard to the indictments. He was released from the Burnet County Jail the same day on 18 personal recognizance bonds of $10,000 each.

He’s accused of “sexual abuse over an extended period of time both by contact and penetration,” according to the report.

The incidents are alleged to have happened at a Burnet County residence, and the suspect was known to the accuser, who made an outcry to her parent.

Watson faces two to 20 years on each count of both the indecency charges and the child sexual assault charges.

4 thoughts on “Suspects face child abuse charges in separate cases

  1. How does one simply recieve 18 personal recognizance bonds?does he not pose a threat to society?sounds like someone messed up!

  2. I see quite a few problems here Daily Trib. One, the mention of the Kingsland school almost implies that the offense happened or was related to the school, which is apparently not the case. Two, why are these 2 articles published together? It’s very misleading. I’ve seen multiple shares on social media and it has people completely confused. One is being confused for the other. And who gets released on 18 PR bonds for sexual assault of a minor by contact AND penetration?? What judge or jp approved that? Our system is horribly flawed!

  3. I agree with the statement about “should NOT have mentioned the school name” —and also it seems to me the accused should NOT be out on bail.

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