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Police: Llano man shot and killed in attempted burglary of pizza eatery

Ashton Hutchinson

Ashton Hutchinson

UPDATE: Authorities arrested another suspect, 25-year-old Ashton Hutchison, on May 29 and charged him with burglary of a habitation in connection with the incident.

He was taken into custody in Cherokee by the San Saba County Sheriff’s Office and the Llano Police Department. 


LLANO — Investigators are sifting through clues after one of two suspects was shot and killed during an attempted burglary, according to the Llano Police Department.

According to a police report, the incident happened at 12:50 a.m. May 25 at Stonewall’s Pizza, Wings & Things, 109 W. Main on the Llano County Courthouse square.

“Upon arrival, officers found a suspect identified as Robert Sutton … who was down due to (a) single gunshot wound,” the report stated. “Sutton was transported to Baylor Scott and White Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.”

The 29-year-old was from Llano.

Authorities said they took a second suspect, Jonathan Tuma, 19, of Tow into custody and charged him with burglary.

Ashton Hutchinson
Ashton Hutchinson

Police have not released the identification of the shooter and are declining to release additional details about the case.

The Texas Rangers and Llano County Sheriff’s Office are assisting with the investigation.

12 thoughts on “Police: Llano man shot and killed in attempted burglary of pizza eatery

  1. Some people who feel the world owes them a living without working for it are despicable and hard it is hard to understand. They knew consequences were inevitable!!!!! Horrible things seem to be in high gear these days.

  2. Sad for all involved. Families will hurt because of the decisions they made. Shooter will suffer for defending his own. JUST AWFUL ALL AROUND!

  3. A career criminal is dead and Tuma’s charges will be upgraded since the death occurred during this crime, he will go away for a long time. Don’t do the crime…..

    1. Ppl are such judgemental (censored)…. It is sad that 1 bad choice cost a life.. But don’t open it mouth and belittle anyone..

  4. Doesnt supprise me tgat crime in Llano is getting worse. The people there are too. Praying for families of all involved.

  5. It’s surreal…I had just saw him the night before it happened, I can’t believe Robbie’s dead. We met back in January and he was so kind to me and everyone around him. He was a good man, he had untraditional morals, but he shouldn’t have been killed for his crimes. Nonetheless, I feel terrible for the (shooter), he didn’t mean to kill anyone. I can only imagine the pain he’s dealing with.

    Robbie was a hard worker. He cared for his family and friends, and he was such a nice guy to be around. He just made some poor choices. Wherever he is…I hope he’s happy.

    1. He wanted so much to be good, I think his poor choices made life hard for him. I hate that he’s gone, I always hoped for the best for him. He loved his daughter and she loved him. It will be interesting to see if we ever know the whole story of what happened. For his daughter and his family it needs to be told, I never saw a violent side to him so it’s hard to imagine.

    2. No disrespect to his family, but he was indeed a career criminal and a registered sex offender too! “Good man”? You are setting your bar way too low! “Untraditional morals” ??? What kind of people do you hang around? That’s’s more asinine than “alternate facts”!!

    3. You had just saw him (NICE grammar)?! He was good? Untraditional morals? Crimes? Nice guy? Hard worker? Poor choices? Happy…wherever he is? WOW, you’re some kind of confused fool!
      1. He was “good”?! He was ROBBING someone – THEY worked hard for their things, they are NOT “robbie’s” things.
      2. Having non-traditional morals gets you into TROUBLE; (i.e. laws protecting the innocent).
      3. “Crimes” equal punishment (i.e. don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time).
      4. Nice guys help others, they do NOT take things from others.
      5. “Hard workers” do just that, work HARD to take care of their families; NOT work hard at taking what is NOT theirs.
      6. That night he made one LAST “poor choice”, he messed with the wrong person/wrong business/wrong town…!
      7. Robert Sutton is dead, Mr. (blank) gets to live with that the rest of HIS life, BUT at least the example was made. PERHAPS idiot criminals will think TWICE before trying this…good guys don’t always finish last.
      8. UNLESS “robbie” knew Jesus as HIS personal Lord & Savior (this crime says otherwise), he’s NOT going to be happy “wherever he is”, because there is weeping, gnashing of teeth, torture, eternal fire, darkness…where he is.
      YES, it is sad. Perhaps vigilante justice is where we are headed!

  6. The people in Llano are not getting worse. Crime happens no matter where you live, the people here in Llano are great 👍 for the most part. This shows why it is good to be armed.

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