Burnet woman faces homicide charges in toddler vehicle death

Alyssa Raye Burnam

Alyssa Raye Burnam


BURNET — A Burnet woman faces three indictments on charges of criminally negligent homicide and two counts of abandoning/endangering a child (criminal negligence) in connection with a 2015 one-vehicle rollover that killed a 2-year-old boy and injured a second child passenger.

A Burnet County Grand Jury handed down the indictments against Alyssa Raye Burnam, 26, on May 2, according to court documents filed in the Burnet County District Clerk’s Office. The indictments state that Burnam failed to properly secure the children in their seats and maintain control of the vehicle.

Burnam was booked May 13 into the Burnet County Jail on the three charges listed in the indictments and released the same day on surety bonds totaling $20,000.

The one-vehicle rollover happened at 2:43 p.m. July 26, 2015, on CR 116 in Hoover’s Valley, according to a Texas Department of Public Safety report.

Burnam was behind the wheel of the 2002 Ford F150 pickup truck traveling west on CR 116 when, “for unknown reason, the driver lost control” and left the roadway, the report stated.

The vehicle went back onto the roadway across the other lane of traffic before the crash.

“The driver used faulty evasive action resulting in the vehicle rollover,” the report stated.

Passenger John Xavier Myers, 2, was pronounced dead about an hour after the rollover, and Maddox Hartline, who was 10 years old at the time, was sent to an Austin emergency room in serious condition.


10 thoughts on “Burnet woman faces homicide charges in toddler vehicle death

  1. This is the most asinine {censored} I’ve ever seen in all my 43 yrs of living!! Everything this states is an bold face lie! No one even knew these charges were being pressed against her.. till she was pulled over for speeding.. you people really sleep at nite? Do u see this young lady dying inside everyday over something that happened by complete accident!! It wasn’t unknown reasons and if you had a heart at all… you people would have never dug this up agin! She lives without her baby EVERYDAY..now some big bad burnet suit and tie wants to drag her and Anouk through all this horrible day again… really? There will be some burning in hell… but let me promise it won’t be that beautiful, loving, caring and above and beyond mother that y’all are doing this to… no.. it will be all of you accusers!! Get your stories straight… once you can do that… you can then make an nation wide apology to this lost grieving mother.. how the hell do you people even sleep at nite…. you should all be full of shame is what you all should feel!! Do your homework before you devastate this family, and drag them through losing Jax all over again. ! May God and his mercy be with you nasty people! That’s a fact! Y’all make me SICK!!

  2. I could’t agree more with the previous comment. She has paid a higher price daily than most will ever know. She is a wonderful mom too. An accident. A terrible, horrible accident. Can you imagine how you would make it through this if it were you? We, as a community, stand behind her, and we knew and loved little Jax. She does not have a pattern bad behavior. She has had a few incidents in the past that could not have forshadowed what was to come, as we all have. That doesn’t make her a threat to our society. Witch hunt!

  3. Amen well said!!!! Having to relive this and go through this all over again. After living with the pain everyday. This is bs and very evil. Alyssa is a great mom and a very kind hearted lady. Go after the real criminals that always get away with their crimes and shouldnt be allowed to. Im so saddened bh this. We love you Alyssa and true friends are here for uou and always will be. Stay strong and show em who u are for real!! Take this down fools

    1. I can not believe this!!! She has gone through enough this was a freak accident it happens everyday Burnet county should be ashamed of themselves she wasn’t drunk or doing drugs she got into a wreck and it happened to kill her baby boy leave it alone

  4. I am devastated by this. I’ve cried a million time for her and the loss of jax. It was a complete accident and you will NEVER know what she went through at the scene of this accident! This is horrific beyond belief. We love you and will fight beside you from San Antonio

  5. I am appalled at such an irresponsible piece of crap you call journalism. First and foremost for you to throw opinions of your own into the original article is unethical. You should be fired. Whoever you are, I hope that victimizing people who already suffer comes back on you tenfold. I happen to know this young lady and she is a great mom and losing her son that way is a fait that no one deserves. Then have you slander her in this witch hunt that is supposed to be justice makes me sick. I wonder who is paying you to write this crap. Are you trying to guarantee that she doesn’t receive a fair trial? Innocent until proven guilty. Have you ever heard of that? Obviously not. For you to even suggest that drugs or alcohol were involved is just bad reporting. Check your facts. As far As Burnet County persuading this action, it is an absolute miscarriage if justice. TWO YEARS have passed and now they choose to drag this family through this as if the pain and suffering from this accident have not been enough to endure. I hope none of you get a wink of sleep. You don’t deserve to sleep.

  6. Oh Burnet county, I remember now why I left and never returned. The sheer stupidity and ass backward view of justice in that county has not changed and I would hope this young lady get some decent legal representation. As a matter of fact she should prepare for a defense and sue the county in response. The DA’s office is full of self described christians but I remember the type, these are people that went to church on Sunday to ask for forgiveness from what they did the night before with someone else’s wife. I hope someone close to this woman can start a legal defense fund because I’m afraid if she’s poor then the “Good” jurors in Burnet will likely send her to prison. As I recall this is a guilty until proven innocent county and despite having a few good friends still living there I stay away for good reason. If you don’t get out your doomed, and if you go back beware of the traps that will try to keep you there. No offense to the good people still living there, you know who you really are.

  7. the Burnet County DA office is a joke they only take a slam dunk case or a high profile case. more dopeheads on probation and fail to do what is required. To the Law Enforcement guys and galls my hats of to you. election time is not to far away our jail is a hugathug program and the court system is broke

  8. People need to realize that jail/prison is a corporation. Judges lawyers cops keeps them in a job.

    Sending people to jail the county gets so much money per person in jail same as prison.

    Sending a person to prison has nothing to do with helping the inmate with personal issues. That is why they end up back into trouble.

    Burnett county is not the only county it’s all of Wisconsin. It’s all about money. You can’t pay for a good lawyer innocent or guilty you are doing time.

    Sending people to prison for drugs is a waste of time. Drug tests should be done from cops all the way to judges.

    We need to improve the judicial system we need more programs more half way houses etc.

    Go read articles on Wisconsin this state is one of the number one corruption in the judicial system.

  9. A child is dead because she wasn’t responsible!!! He was two he should of been in a five point harness. She failed him!!

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