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MARBLE FALLS — Authorities are investigating the cause of a crash involving a recreational vehicle that overturned on April 24 at the railroad tracks on U.S. 281 north of the city limits.

According to officials at the scene, an RV towing an sport-utility vehicle at about 11:30 a.m. was traveling south on the highway when it left the roadway and flipped at the tracks.

“There was also an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer involved,” Burnet County Sheriff’s Capt. Ricky Bindseil said.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is handling the investigation.

Much of the crash was contained to the west side of the roadway, so first responders reduced the four-lane highway to two lanes to keep traffic moving.

The entire roadway was reopened at about 2 p.m.

Authorities contacted Capital Metro to halt train traffic as the cleanup continued.

The occupants of the RV are believed to have non-incapacitating injuries.

“I don’t think I’ve seen (a crash) that bad,” said Bindseil, who assisted at the scene. “It’s a miracle they survived.”

1 thought on “RV rolls over on U.S. 281 outside Marble Falls sending two to ER

  1. My husband and I drove up on the wreck before rescue or police had responded but at least 20 cars had stopped and were helping . I was in our 31 foot RV and as I cried I prayed for God to save them with his angels and if not to be with the families and was broken hearted. I think many prayers had been sent up and as always God saw that where two or more ask for his help he will deliver thank you for never failing me God and the comfort the families of the victims will have that the family survived by a miracle! Amen

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