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Granite Shoals police seize pit bulls after pets attacked, 1 killed


GRANITE SHOALS — Authorities have seized two of four pit bulls after residents who live in a Granite Shoals neighborhood reported the loose dogs attacked their pets, according to a Granite Shoals police report.

Authorities reported the Easter evening incident at 4:51 p.m. April 16 after a resident who lives on Lake Forest Street told police one of his small dogs was killed by a roving pack of dogs.

“Four dogs went into somebody’s yard, attacked one of the dogs, went into another yard, and attacked a dog belonging to those people,” Granite Shoals Police Chief Gary Boshears said. “The pack of dogs took off. We were able to locate them, confronted the owner.”

Police have custody of two of the dogs, including the one they believe was primarily responsible for the attack.

The two other dogs — still in the custody of the owner — have been “deemed dangerous animals,” which requires the owner to post warning signs on his property, remand the animals to an enclosed area, and maintain an insurance policy on the dogs, Boshears explained.

“With the requirements put on dangerous dogs, (the owner) will have a certain amount of time to come into compliance,” the police chief said. “We will be monitoring that.”

Authorities said the pit bull owner, who lives on Lake Forest Street, was given a citation for violation of a city ordinance, a Class C misdemeanor.

“It’s against the city ordinance to have any dogs running at large or not constrained,” Boshears said. “Beyond that, if the owner of the dog that was killed chose to file a civil action, that’s something they could do.”

At one of the addresses, children were in the yard; however, the pit bulls kept their attention on the pets instead.

“Obviously, the aggressive behavior going into somebody else’s yard is a big concern,” Boshears said.

40 Responses to “Granite Shoals police seize pit bulls after pets attacked, 1 killed”

  1. Ed Marth says:

    Pointers going to point, retrievers going to retrieve, pit bulls going to kill, it is all instincts they are born with after countless generations of breeding for those traits. In the US a pit bull kills a person every 17 days. Stats don’t lie. Pit bulls are weapons that can pull their own trigger.

    • Seriously says:

      What about the owners of said pit bulls in those stats??? There are many cases where pit bulls have been family dogs: loving, protective, loyal, etc…
      This is an extremely uneducated comment on your part. Obviously the owners of the pit bulls in this article have no business having dogs at all if they’re roaming the streets.
      So tired of these dogs being labeled as killers. All dogs can bite and will if not properly trained. Period.

      • Debbie Bell says:

        While not all pits mature to suddenly begin killing dogs, even serial killers don’t kill everyone they meet. I don’t want a Ted Bundy next door even if he was handsome charismatic and gave slobbery kisses too.

        Ebola and rabies doesn’t kill everyone in the neighborhood, but I still don’t want more rabies or ebola introduced into my community!

        No one who truly loves an animal and cares about its welfare wants more to be born with deadly man-made birth defects.

        Maturing to KILL DOGS is a despicable deadly man-made birth defect.

        Those who do wish to continue the breeding of THE best dog killing dogs are not dog advocates, they are not into dog welfare or animal rights.

        They are at least selfish and uncaring, and cruel, at worst, selfish, cruel, sadistic, and insane.

        • Seriously says:

          I am blown away at your comments on here. You’re really going to compare these dogs to serial killers and Ebola? I can’t.
          I have responded to many of your ignorant posts. The main point I am going to make is that I have had and been around MANY breeds in my life and have done my own research, thorough research, and through my own experiences and the experiences of others in my life I have formed my opinion on this matter.
          It seems to me that your opinion is based on false stats by people who are intent on labeling these dogs as killers. It is sad.
          You have your own choice to believe what you want, so stay away from pit bulls all you wish. I myself love the breed and think they’re some of the smartest and most loving loyal dogs. I have that right. Have a great day!

    • Seriously says:

      Also, your site that you’re getting your statistics from is highly biased. I encourage you to do more research.

      • Debbie Bell says:

        Look to the true experts’of DEADLY dog aggression the dog fighters of the UK and NA.
        While Dachshunds and Dobermans can bite, dog fighters don’t use other types because they need game INSANE psychopathic dogs who will suddenly go from playing to slaying, from kissing to killing, all without abuse, anger, fear, reason or warning, because of mutant man-made instinct alone.

    • Sue says:

      All pitbulls r dangerous. Its all in the owners training. Alot of ppl get these dogs(pitbulls) to due there bidding for them. I owned pits myself and they were loving. So its all im there training through their owners. Who get these pits bc they have something to prove .

    • Kathy says:

      What a brunch of crap dogs are taught to be vicious not born so I guess the collie that bit my sister face and nose off was just a freak accident. Please I would trust a pit bull before you

      • Debbie Bell says:

        So breed/heritage is irrelevant?

        All dogs are the same?

        Odd how bully people say that’s what they believe.

        Great, then no one will miss bully dogs after they are permitted to mercifully become extinct.

        Mandatory enforced sterilization of pits bully dogs GLADIATOR dogs.

        Adopt any available non-bully dog and no neighbor dogs will be killed in their own yards anymore.

        • Seriously says:

          Because no other dogs can kill??
          My French bulldog ran onto our neighbors property and grabbed a baby goat by the neck and tried to kill it. A FRENCHIE. They’re dogs!!!!
          You are hilarious.

    • Kathy says:

      You and are a bunch of losers that come up with your own facts nothing was proven that put bulls are any worse then another dog and that is from reputable colleges and studies

      • Debbie Bell says:

        In other words, you are fine with victim dogs being killed by pits. Dog dismemberment and death are perfectly fine with you.

        You are worse than those who intentionally fight dogs in organized fights, where at least the humans all choose to attend and the dogs are matched one against one.

    • Chris says:

      Ignorance is Bliss..if u have a pack of dogs penned up continuously.. Does not matter what kind of Dog it is… Dogs are pack animals… And instinct kicks in therefore tjey Hunt… Pit -bulls have the Nickname Nanny Dog for a reason… Check your facts… U will be suprised as to what the top 3 aggressive breed of Dogs are… Plz research before u speak on a pitbull pullin its own trigger…

      • Debbie Bell says:

        A Staffie breeder invented the name nanny dog in the 1970s the reason, to sell more dogs!

        Pit breeders who are more honest use other words to describe their psychopathic GLADIATOR dogs.

        When I Asked pit breeders if they were trying to breed away from deadly dog aggression​, , none said they were.

        The opposite was true: “dog aggression is what makes a pit a pit.”

        “Pits are supposed to be the GLADIATOR of the dog world.”

        “Pits are bred to “kill or die trying”.

        It’s garbage such as “nanny dog” that gets kids bitten, and worse, and then gets pits beaten, and worse.

        “You can take the dog out of the fight but you can’t take the fight out of the dog.”

        • Seriously says:

          I feel like I’m losing brain cells reading everything you post.
          You obviously are completely uneducated about pit bulls….if you go back and look and actually do your own research, you will find that pit bulls were bred to be working dogs. Not sure why you are so intent on labeling them as gladiator dogs but I’ve never in my life heard that and I have known PLENTY of pit breeders and owners.
          HUMANS have continually bred them for fighting purposes. They are dogs. They roam in packs. Depending on how they were raised and taken care of on a daily basis absolutely determines their current mental status when it comes to aggressive behaviors.
          I would bet that these owners did not care for their dogs the way they should be cared for. I would also bet they did not do their own research when obtaining these dogs. I would also bet that they did not socialize them properly.
          My daughter was attacked by a cocker spaniel when she was 3. She was around pit bulls her whole life and was attached by a cocker spaniel. In the face. So don’t sit there and act like you know everything about dogs when you have zero personal experience.
          I can find whatever I want on the internet depending on the site I go to. The same can be said for the people I go to for questions.
          The media apparently controls your mindset because absolutely nothing you said is factual.
          The last thing I will add is that when incidents occur, if a dog remotely can be labeled as a “pit bull” they are labeled as such. Does not even have to be accurate, but the hype is out there so let’s just keep mislabeling because that feeds fear!
          I’m so over everyone blaming these animals for human error.

    • Chris says:

      Thank You

    • Kristen says:

      You are an idiot. ALL dogs are capable of attacking. I have saved many pit bulls and the only thing they want to do is be loved. Do your research before you make an ignorant comment. People are responsible for their dogs period.. it’s amazing how much ignorance and stupidity people have regarding pit bulls and how “vicious” they are. Take a long walk off a short pier you moron

      • Debbie Bell says:

        Toddlers could attack their teacher and bite her to death BUT THEY DON’T.

        Non-bully dogs with normal dog social skills essentially never kill dogs on NEUTRAL ground, never invade yards for the sole purpose of killing dogs.

        • Seriously says:

          Again more BS! My dog was attacked and mauled in our yard by a Rottweiler. Not a pit. So again with your biased crap that is not factual. It’s a joke!!! You are part of this problem.

    • T Layton says:

      imagine those four weapons coming around the back corner of your house on Easter Sunday With your family in the yard.. The dogs Standing side by side going past the humans …,,,up the steps …onto your back porch where your family is grilling Easter Dinner….and violently taking out and mauling everything in their path…chasing the children holding their small dogs … imagine trying to save your family from all this as the 4 dogs packed together and went from pet to pet the louder the small dogs yelped and the children screamed the more violent it got…. this happened in a matter of 8-10 seconds . In my opinion it was the same as a violent home invasion and this little family will be traumatized forever.

  2. Sheila says:

    I totally Agree…….I have come across some very nice once when they are alone but they don’t play nice with others. Sorry its the truth….

  3. sandra dee says:

    Happens every day to some poor little dog.When are the pit pushers going to realize they are not dog lovers at all?

  4. John Doe says:

    Its sad that people still be leave that pit bulls are dangerous dogs. Publish all statistics of dogs attacking people. WE SHOULD BAN GUNS BECAUSE THEY KILL PEOPLE RIGHT!!??? YOUR OLD BIGOTED IDEAS ARE JUST THAT OLD! My pit bull is one of the most loving and loyal dogs i have ever had and loves my children and other animals.

  5. John Doe says:


  6. John Doe says:

    When an inadament object like a fire arm is placed in the hands of a sick society it becomes a instrument of death the same way an animal becomes the whipping boy of an abusive and sick human being a pit bull cant pull its own trigger any more then a fire arm can. We dont like to look at the truth that we are the common denominater in these issues.

    • Debbie Bell says:

      I agree that dog’s can’t solve their own problems. It’s up to humans to stop breeding the dogs specifically created to suddenly mature to have the drive to maul without external reason, to attack and kill on man-made instinct alone.

  7. Rachal says:

    I have pitbulls and they are great dogs

    • Debbie Bell says:

      So you’re saying that you only care about yourself.

      That organized dog fighting. And dog murders can continue and that’s fine too.

      Dogs being killed on public sidewalks and during yard and house invasions are actually fun, since it makes the pits happy.

  8. Rachal says:

    I really think it depends on how they are raised. They need to be socialized constantly. A lot of dogs are that way. Anything outside their comfort zone makes them edgy or hostile.

    • Debbie Bell says:

      The pit bull experts, who created pits, say that all good game pits mature to have the drive to attack and kill dogs.

      Read Sporting Dog News, Game Dog Forums, watch Sporting Dog Yard videos and learn their language.

      They know breed matters. That’s why breeding heritage means so much to the dog men.

  9. Dani says:

    My parents live around this address and they have outdoor cats and those dogs came to my parents house and killed all of them. Then just left then at the front door… I have three dogs of my own (larger breed) and they are the friendliest dogs ever. It’s how you train them and how you socialize them. Dogs need to be socialized with people and other animals. You’re going to have a dog learn to train it correctly.

    • Debbie Bell says:

      So you believe that coonhounds and beagle people need to train their dogs to bark that annoying hound bark?

      No it’s a breed trait.

      How many videos do you see of Maltese dogs, teeth clenched into a knotted rope, all four paws off the ground, still tugging more?

      Not many because Maltese weren’t created to maul.

  10. mike says:

    So it’s how you raise them? You are basically admitting that you have a vicious animal at onset and if you raise it right you’ll have a great animal. Interesting, how many stories have you heard of other dogs going onto someone’s property and killing a pitbull? So you pitbull lovers are stating if the dog is raised wrong it’s a killing machine. Well you are saying that all Labrador retrievers are raised right? How about the wrongly raised labs? I don’t hear stories of labradors constantly getting out and killing people or other peoples dogs. Sure all dog breeds bite people but you don’t hear of a lab, collie, yorkie killing people. Unless your into drug dealing or dog fighting then why have a pitbull. Maybe we need a breed that goes around and kills pitbulls and then claim oh it’s the nicest dog and then laugh at the pitbull owners complaining about it. Of course they are loving to the family that owns them and not so fun to everyone else around. Pitbulls are little cowards as well, notice how they pretty much attack small children and small animals. Pitbulls are also escape artists. Just carry a gun and shoot them when they are on your property. End of story.

  11. Debbie Bell says:

    1) It’s illegal to plant landmines in the lawn or rig a hand grenade to the gate.

    Dogs that are intentionally created to maul and not stop are worse than hand grenades and landmines, as they can leave home and hunt down victim dogs, humans, and horses.

    We need new laws that will make dog owners/ dog handlers / dog USERS care enough to keep their dogs and our communities safe and PREVENT that FIRST dog attack.

    We need severe punishments, but prisons are overcrowded already, and too expensive as well.

    Fines alone aren’t working as the wealthy simply pay them and
    the poor simply don’t.

    Here’s a plan for an affordable, breed neutral law that, if publicized and enforced, will make a positive difference.

    Call these severe and fatal dog attacks on dogs, zoo-farm animals, humans, and on cats away from the dog’s property, what they are:
    Felony ANIMAL NEGLECT AND CRUELTY, with depraved indifference.

    IMMEDIATELY remove all dogs from the suspect owner/ handler/ user’s property and control.

    If they say the dog belongs to the cousin, the cousin, and all other adults in the house are held responsible.

  12. Debbie Bell says:

    2) Found guilty, ban ALL the dog’s OWNERS, HANDLERS, and USERS from ANY dog ownership for LIFE.

    Severe punishment, if publicized and enforced, will start to
    make dog owners/ users pay attention.

    Signs must be posted on the property: No Dogs Permitted.

    Any dogs later found on their property or in their control shall be immediately confiscated.

    Since the convicted neglectful animal abusers will no longer have any dog related expenses, fines and restitution can be more readily paid.

    Some will say,
    “but accidents happen”.
    Not if the dog’s owners prevent them!

    We must stop calling attacks “accidents” and start calling them “ANIMAL NEGLECT and CRUELTY.”

  13. paula woods says:

    I would bet these dogs were NOT family pets. I would bet they were outdoor dogs and not part of family life. These owners who cry that their attackers were family pets are dead wrong. Dogs kept on chains never interact with the family, are never taught boundries, are never shown human family ‘pack’ order. There is no right or wrong for these poor creatures. No dog belongs on a chain in a yard. The owner should be fined heavily.


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