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GRANITE SHOALS — Nothing helps usher in spring like clearing property, cleaning out the garage, and getting rid of old household junk.

“Spring is a bonus. It’s always a renewed optimism for me,” Granite Shoals City Manager Ken Nickel said. “My wife has a list of chores for me to do every year at this time — from flower beds to looking at things to get rid of.”

Just like Nickel, residents across the Highland Lakes will participate in spring cleaning with the assistance of events hosted by their respective municipalities.

Burnet and Marble Falls as well as Granite Shoals city officials will provide bulk item drop-off locations on April 1 when residents can bring certain materials for disposal.

Granite Shoals city leaders said the events, conducted twice a year, have encouraged residents to improve the conditions in their neighborhoods.

“One of the things we used to see is people dumping a lot of stuff like tires on the side of the road,” Nickel said. “We’re not seeing that anymore. It tells us they’re using the clean-up days to dispose of the things they no longer want.”

The following is a list of event details that require proof of residency for the three cities:

• In Granite Shoals — From 8 a.m.-noon April 1 at city hall, 2221 Phillips Ranch Road, residents can drop off broken junk, brush, tires, mattresses, and scrap metal and place them in the dumpsters; for tires and larger brush items, participants pay a fee of $3-$5.

Prohibited items are construction waste, old “tube” TVs (flat-screen permitted), batteries, appliances containing Freon, or hazardous household waste.

Residents can also shred documents (remove staples, paper clips, and other metal or plastic fasteners).

In Burnet — During the “Chunk Your Junk” event from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. April 1 at intersection of Westfall and Cemetery streets, participants can drop off appliances (without Freon), debris, electronics, household junk, and tires (no rims; four per household). Prohibited items are air conditioners, batteries, pesticides, paints, and chemicals.

• In Marble Falls — The first of two clean-up opportunities is April 1 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at the city yard, 2000 Colt Circle. Residents can drop off old furniture, appliances without Freon, and other bulky items.

Prohibited items are tires, yard waste, paints and thinners, hazardous liquids, electronics, batteries, and construction materials.

Also, in Marble Falls from April 1-9, residents can place the same items by their curb by 7 a.m. on their regularly scheduled garbage pickup days.

“It’s about health and safety in addition to improving the appearance of the city,” Nickel said. “In general, we have such a beautiful location to live with the water and the hills. We need to make sure that it stays that way for future generations.”