Marble Falls police charge two massage parlor workers with prostitution

Authorities closed a business and arrested two female suspects accused of prostitution after complaints surfaced that staff had inappropriately touched massage clients. Staff photo by Connie Swinney

Authorities closed a business and arrested two female suspects accused of prostitution after complaints surfaced that staff had inappropriately touched massage clients. Staff photo by Connie Swinney


MARBLE FALL — Investigators closed a massage parlor and arrested two female suspects on prostitution charges after underage clients reported they were touched “sexually” while receiving a massage, according to a Marble Falls Police Department report.

The incidents were first reported to MFPD the afternoon of March 15 and involved Enjoy Parlor, located in a strip mall in the 1100 block of U.S 281.

“Officers responded and met two young gentlemen,” Marble Falls Police Capt. Glenn Hanson said.

The alleged victims, who were acquainted with one another, each paid $60 for an hour massage, the report stated.

“They did receive their massages, and as folks, I assume, often do, they fell asleep in the course of being massaged. Both of them awakened to being sexually contacted by the ladies who were doing the massages,” he said. “We made contact with the ladies at Enjoy Massage. They were taken into custody at that point. They were booked into the county jail on the charges of prostitution with solicitation of someone younger than 18 years of age.”

Lili Chen

As of March 16, Lili Chen, 38, and Huafen Fu, 49, both of Marble Falls, remained in custody with bond pending, according to Burnet County Jail records.

The prostitution charge is a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison with a conviction.

During the course of the investigation, officers ordered two clients, a man and a woman, to leave the establishment.

“The business was locked up secure,” Hanson said. “Later, we obtained a search warrant, went back to the business, and seized some items that we believe will be evidence of this crime.”

Hanson added this is the first case of this kind he has seen in Marble Falls.

“The fact that in my tenure here we haven’t seen anything like this is a good indication of the kind of community that we have,” he said, “and we certainly don’t want this moving into our community.”

42 thoughts on “Marble Falls police charge two massage parlor workers with prostitution

  1. So we’re arresting people and shutting down their business on the word of teenage boys?
    What happened to needing evidence?
    How often do TEENAGE boys go get a massage?
    I’m betting those boys are related to someone else in Marble Falls in the massage business. This is a convenient way to get rid of your competition.
    Guess if I ever want to get to someone, all I have to do is make an accusation to the police and they’ll go arrest them for me. Good to know our cop’s leap before they look.

    1. That is crazy! To accuse to underage children that they made up the story to knock off the competition.child molestation is not a joke. The police did the right thing!!!!!

      1. Dawn,
        Please refer back to your opening argument. I think you meant to use the word “two” in replace of “to”.

      2. Ohhhh I don’t know. How about innocent until proven guilty? How about the 4th amendment? Emotional, uneducated reactions like yours have no place in law.

      3. Underage children? Article does not state their age. These children could be seniors as far as you know and their birthdays could be tomorrow. And just why where children even allowed to be in the place?

    2. Joe, it seems you have it all figured out. Why is it you never became a cop? Oh, never mind, you are probably too chicken to put that uniform on.

  2. Kids do lie. I was accused of slapping an elementary student, by said student.His parents believed his lie, even though my supervisor saw no marks on his face. I was pulled off the route and reassigned.

  3. What is sad is a man who is accused of sexual assault of a child not once but several times and continues to be released on bail and two women are being held pending bond. Guess we know where certain people stand in this community.

      1. Your both ignorant. Why don’t you do a little research and see how many FEMALE teachers have inappropriate sexual contact with their students and actually do serious time. Any why is that because our culture shames the boys into not cooperating with investigators.

  4. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”!

    What scares me more than prostitution is over zelious police and non-factual statements being passed off as news.

    The only way to obtain “sexual contact” is to PAY for sexual contact. Prostitutes do not sneak up on potential customers while they are sleeping. The “John” agrees to pay a pre- determined amount for a specific sexual service.

    It really is that simple.

  5. The question for me is. …out of everything else these 2 young men would spend $60 on….they chose a massage? Interesting! I don’t know why, but maybe they WERE put up to it.

  6. I went there one time to get a massage. I could hear someone come in the front door. The woman have the price of $60. There was mumbling, she said extra $50, more mumbling and said extra $100. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. I personally wasn’t touched inappropriately, probably because I’m a woman but come on. Those are expensive upgrades. And how about not calling our youth liars or thinking that it’s all part of some evil plan. Not everybody thinks like a jerk.

    1. You just said yourself, you heard mumbling. You didn’t hear them talking about exchanging anything sexual for cash.
      You obviously think like a jerk yourself. Teenagers are known for lying. Use your head lady.

      1. Didn’t use intake form, doesn’t have license displayed on wall, didn’t do consult and no upgrade option sheet displayed. If they wanted to sell upgrade that were that much don’t you think they would display them for all to see? And I’m sorry that you don’t seem to be around teens that were raised right.

    2. Is it possible they were just negotiating for a group rate,husband wife rate etc? And if all you heard was mumbling is it also conceivable that you may be loosing your hearing or that your ears were muffled at that time? And as far a displaying their license. If you knew that why did you stay?

  7. So sketchy- my understanding of “prostitution ” in Texas is there must be an agreement if an exchange of money for services between the parties. If that’s the case then they should all be arrested. So sad too – sounds like some are being taken advantage of maybe not speaking much English. We should be better than this. Hope it’s accurate report filing, and accurate reporting.

  8. They have been operating under faulty license. And underage clients are not to be seen without parental consent per licensing laws. It is a shame these ladies will go to jail & the sex traffickers that are exploiting them get to jump ship & open shop in another town.

  9. Why do the women have to be the victims here maybe they are sick women sexyal predtors that deserve the charges pending and knew entirely how wrong they were!

  10. This really is ridiculous. Arresting 2 people with absolutely no evidence of the crime they’re being accused of, other than word of mouth. Teenagers aren’t a reliable source for any information. Police/authorities are a joke now.

    1. I agree this makes me so sad,, working woman just making a living the teens need to take a lie detectors its a shame to ruin good peoples lives. karma will catch up to the teens

  11. This is just a little to sketchy two teenage boys go in for a massage BOTH fall asleep BOTH wake up to being inappropriately touched?? Come on… since when do teenage boys go in for an hour long massage much less together. When it all comes out that this is not true I hope these women sue the young men involved, their parents, the city of Marble Falls, the Marble Falls PD and the arresting officers individually.

  12. It does say there were items found at the shop that could be evidence, so don’t automatically defend these two and trash the teenagers.

    1. Exactly Deb, people on read or see what they want to. It also said an investigation was conducted and then the two women were arrested. But, I have one thing none of you even mentioned. Reverse the sex of each person. Half the state would be up in arms if it were two teenage girls being touched….seems teenage boys don’t get the same sympathy. Sad

  13. If you bother to read the article, the officers had said that they did find some evidence and that the women would be given a trial. I am for one don’t believe that since the alleged victims were stated to be underage that is a good reason to dismiss their claims.

  14. I am in total agreement with Tiscott. Prostitutes are business women and they would never engage in an activity of that sort unless the arrangement had been made and services paid for. Period. Something fishy here for sure. Sounds like the boys had a bit of “buyers remorse”.
    And…..we are all entitled to our own opinions. Name calling, belittling… all that internet trolling behavior, well it’s just not necessary and we, (we being our community), we are better than that aren’t we?

  15. Circumstances are real fishy. …2 young men getting a massage. Not that I want to believe in conspiracy theories but…someone in town might not have wanted this business and put the 2 young men up to it!

  16. I was in jail with these two woman this weekend i do weekends in burnet county jail and I listened to the story of both woman it never changed the boys where getting massage which is 45 mins on back and 15 mins on front and within 20 mins the boys turned around and grabbed the back of there heads and said (edited) then when they refused they grabbed there hands and forced them to touch there private parts and that’s when they both asked the boys to please leave they do not want any trouble no money no tips no nothing and told them to leave no call police no nothing they didn’t want any trouble and now these poor ladies who have no idea what is going on and how to get someone to listen to the truth and these young boys lied and tried to get these two ladies in trouble when they where doing there jobs they have been open for 5 years and never have had something like this happen to them they are so scared and want these boys to tell the truth i believe. Them i cant believe our legal system won’t even let them explain there side of the story I just dont get it how could someone could do this I believe they deserve justice just like any of us would please help them amd please give them the chance to say there side i did and i believe them with everything in me please everyone I am calling the marble falls police department to explain what they told me I hope it helps because i feel terrible for them and all they want is the boys to tell the truth and they won’t press charges they just want to be released from jail and go back to China they love America and this country that’s why they came here to get a great start in life and now people like these young boys had to say this and now they are facing charges that aren’t true because these boys tried to do something to them and now they lied and no one believes these poor ladies my heart is hurting for them I feel horrible i cant help but someone who might see this could please anyone they just need someone to listen and find these boys who did this please I beg you help these ladies see how America is great and some people are hateful and disgusting I prey someone sees this and helps them 🙁 they could get a lot of time for something they didn’t do these boys could ruin there lives because they where horny and when they told them no just go the boys where scared they would call the police which they should have but they didn’t want and trouble because they are not Americans please listen to this story and believe they didn’t do what this says they did them boys lied and they need to be punished 5 years have been open and no complaints ever on them then these boys go in and bamb they lie and they are arrested and charged with this unbelievable crime no way man I don’t care these boys need to tell the truth I will help these ladies till the end they deserve it they where so nice and sweet to me I couldn’t believe they could hurt a fly no way they could havd done this no way in hell these boys are liers and need to tell the truth and set these ladies free..

  17. They
    Boys drive a white truck jacked up and one boy is dark skinned and curly hair and other boy is far with brownish hold hair both boys did not pay anything they said they would pay if they didn’t call police but the ladies both said just leave we don’t want any trouble you just go then the boys called police and lied about what they had done these ladies are innocent and i would out my life on it

  18. Marble falls cops are mostly rascists anyways. And this whole story is probably (edited). The likelihood of this really happening to these kids! NOT!

  19. Sexual assault on a minor is a serious thing, but this story sounds super fishy. That and the long history of racism in this town, and I find it hard to believe these two women will be given a fair shake. And you should be ashamed for publishing this article with their names and pictures– people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but what you’ve done here with this article will haunt these two women for the rest of their lives when trying to find jobs, housing, etc. The statement by the police also sounds like they’re giving all of their benefits of doubt to he two boys and none to the women– the whole thing seems super shady. And where’s the owner of the place? Did they get arrested? The biggest victims of prostitution are the prostitutes themselves, but they’re always the one’s who get hit hardest by law enforcement, which just keeps the cycle of abuse and manipulation by the pimps and traffickers going. It’s disgusting, but we’ve socialized ourselves to no longer see prostitutes (especially when Asian or of another ethnic minority [who are often trafficked in as slaves, by the way]) as subhuman. And these enslaved women don’t go to the police to get out, because why would they? They receive all the punishment, and the men get away scott free, most of the time. The whole system and our whole view of prostitution sucks, and articles like these are dangerous and reckless.

  20. It’s funny because I heard today that there is a new mobile message parlor opening i need to find out name to help the lawyer to these ladies get more info and get them justice if anyone hears anything please let me know thank you

  21. I just stumbled upon this news today, when i try to go get massage there again. I have been there many times. I paid a discounted price of $45 for one hour massage as i go there often and was reffered by a friends who likes to have massage often. $ 60 is their one hour massage fees. Prostitution would come at a higher charge, right. And then why do prostitution in town like marble falls where everyone knows everyone. Immigrants from Asia are more law abiding and careful to not do anything legally wrong at Business. Their Business is their respect most of the time. Specially here, i dont think the accusation is right. Its common sense. $ 60 is an hour massage price as thats whats i know from past experience at this place. So ironically there was no upcharge to give these kids some special sex services they claim. These Asians are very smart people, but misunderstood and claimed to be lowly here due to language barrier and their body language. Its awful to get cops at your door step in Asia which makes them afraid.

  22. Funny story. Traveling through town and stopped for a hotel, with restaurant next door.
    My chiropractor of 40+ years recently has gone on to God. And a miracle, massage business
    next to my Margarita… only, phone says,
    Not Accepting Calls…poor old tired roofer…

  23. The way this was handled by our law enforcement is rookie or someone is trying to look good to justify his job. How terrible to destroy 2 lives based on 2 teenage boys that lied to get revenge on these ladys because they did not get what they wanted. The workers never took money from these boys because they threw them out when the boys asked for more than a massage. And they were never asleep , A simple lie detector test could have prevented all of this, What were our law officers thinking.Guess they jumped the gun and now how do they make it right for these ladys. I hope someone in this community will step up and make this right and free them from jail ! Non Human treatment, Can we sleep at night knowing these ladys spend every day and night in jail. All they want is to get out and go back to China and see there Family ! Justice Please !

    1. I totaly agree lie detector test needs to be done I do not believe the teens this isnt fair to the woman at all. all i gotta say is karma.

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