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MARBLE FALLS — Marble Falls police arrested a Granite Shoals man March 13 after he allegedly violated a protective order filed against him following an aggravated sexual assault of a child investigation.

Officers charged Bryant Edward Dulin, 44, with violation of a protective order for allegedly parking across the street from a Marble Falls childcare facility where the alleged victim he is charged with sexually assaulting attends. In December, Granite Shoals police arrested and charged Dulin after the victim, who is younger than 6, reported the suspect made her sleep naked with him and touched her “in such a way that also caused pain,” according to the Granite Shoals arrest warrant affidavit.


The incident allegedly occurred on or about Dec. 7. Officers arrested him Dec. 13 and charged him with aggravated sexual assault of a child. He was booked into the Burnet County Jail and posted a $150,000 bond the following day.

On March 7, Marble Falls police arrested and charged Dulin with two more counts involving molesting underage females. The two cases, with two different alleged victims, occurred between 2008 and 2010. In one case, the suspect allegedly forced a girl who was 7 or 8 to have sex with him on different occasions.

In the other case, the suspect allegedly forced another girl to expose her breasts to his friends multiple times and stopped after she turned 16, according to an arrest warrant affidavit for that investigation.

Both of the alleged victims in those cases are now adults.

Dublin was arrested March 7, but he posted two $50,000 bonds the same day and was released, according to jail records.

In the latest allegation, Dulin faces a misdemeanor charge for allegedly violating the protective order regarding the girl in the December investigation.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit filed by Marble Falls Police Sgt. Thomas Dillard in Judge Cheryl Pounds’ municipal court, on March 8, the day after bonding out of jail, the suspect allegedly pulled into a driveway across from the Marble Falls childcare center where the child in the December investigation attends.

The childcare administrator recognized the truck as one commonly used by the suspect as it pulled into a business driveway near the facility, according to the affidavit. She told Dillard she recognized the suspect in the driver’s side and his mother in the passenger’s seat.

Dillard also learned from Burnet County records that a protective order had been filed that same day against the suspect in regards to the child, the affidavit stated. The protective order prohibited the defendant from “coming within 200 yards” of the school “at any time when the child is there or likely to be there.”

The suspect allegedly pulled into the driveway near the childcare facility two minutes before noon March 8 and parked there for about 30 seconds in a spot where people inside it had a clear view of the school and playground where the kids were playing, Dillard stated in the affidavit. The sergeant paced off the distance between the school yard and where the truck had been park and estimated it to be fewer than 100 feet.

Officers arrested Dulin on March 13 and booked him into the Burnet County Jail on the charge of violating the protective order. His bond was set at $10,000.

According to jail records, Dulin bonded out March 13.

6 thoughts on “Granite Shoals man arrested for violating protective order in child sexual assault case

  1. He is a pervert. I can hardly wait for him to join his friends in prison. The inmates love kiddy perverts.

  2. This is truly a WTF moment why would this happen oh wait it’s a real Barney fife town just put him in general population for a day.

  3. What will it take to keep him in jail and how do his victims ever trust a system that keeps turning him loose? Totally disgusting.

  4. He bonded out again and again and again. He should have already been tried, convicted and sentenced. Then he should have been placed in jail. Why is he still on the streets?

  5. Hmmm? Getting out my calculator: $150,000 + $50,000 + $50,000 + $10,000 = $260,000. This defendant must a) Know a lot of bondsmen; b) have a lot of cash or collateral or c) be taking advantage of dear ol’ mother who is, in reality, truly being taken for a ride. May swift justice be served up for the public’s safety.

  6. Why in the world, do officials keep turning this SOB loose? He is a true predator!!!

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