Ex-car dealership GM accused of buying show calf on company dime


Kirk Edmund Hagen

Kirk Edmund Hagen

BURNET — A former car dealership general manager and real estate salesman faces a charge he used dealership money to pay for a show calf instead of purchasing vehicles and advertising for the dealership, according to a Burnet Police Department report.

On Jan. 27, authorities arrested 39-year-old Kirk Edmund Hagen in Kerrville and charged him with theft of property ($1,500 to $20,000).

Hagen is the former general manager of Cecil-Atkission Motors in Burnet, where the incident was initially reported in February 2016.

“We had received a case from Mr. Cecil. There were some checks that came back for a vehicle, which apparently did not go (to pay) for a vehicle,” Burnet Police Investigator Brandon Bertelson said. “He had purchased the show calf with Cecil’s check. (Hagen) portrayed it that he was buying a truck from somebody.”

Authorities say the suspect used a check totaling $6,500 to pay for the show calf along with a money order in the amount of $3,700.

“He had confessed that he had a plan to buy a vehicle that fell through and did not have the money to pay it back,” Bertelson said. “At the same time, he did not have any permission from anyone from the administration to use funds from the business to purchase a show calf.”

In July 2016, a Burnet County grand jury indicted Hagen on the theft charge, officials said.

In his recent arrest, Kerr County Jail records detailed his charge.

A Kerrville Police Department report showed Hagen was arrested after a traffic stop in the 300 block of Quinlan Street.

“Hagen had been operating a motor vehicle during nighttime hours without the use of the vehicle’s headlamps,” according to a statement by the agency. “Hagen was identified as a result of the stop, and it was discovered he had the warrant out of Burnet County.”

He was booked into the Kerr County Jail on Jan. 27 and released on a $7,500 surety bond the same day, the records show.

He faces up to two years in a state jail facility if convicted of the charge.

In a phone call to Hagen, he declined comment.


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