Police arrest three juveniles in string of Burnet burglaries, vandalism


Vandals caused about $10,000 in damage to a newly renovated space at the old Burnet Elementary School that is about to be utilized by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Burnet County. Courtesy photo

Vandals caused about $10,000 in damage to a newly renovated space at the old Burnet Elementary School that is about to be utilized by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Burnet County. Courtesy photo

BURNET — Investigators arrested and charged two high school students and one middle school student Jan. 24 in connection with several break-ins and property damage during a two-week period.

Authorities are scheduled to transport three males to a Texas juvenile detention center.

“We were able to get a good tip, a CrimeStoppers tip,” Burnet Police Chief Paul Nelson said. “We were able to put everything together and locate one suspect that led us to two other suspects.”

On Jan. 9, suspects caused extensive damage to a 5,200-square-foot space that formerly served as a cafeteria/auditorium on the old Burnet Elementary School campus. They entered through an unlocked door, according to the report.

Crews were upgrading the space to outfit the building for the new Burnet County AgriLife Extension Office, which is in the process of moving from the Burnet County Courthouse annex on Texas 29, as well as convert some classrooms into offices.

The county has a lease agreement with Burnet Consolidated Independent School District for use of the building.

Officials discovered a second break-in and damage in the early morning hours of Jan. 21 in the same building.

At that time, suspects broke a window to enter, caused damage with a fire extinguisher, and stole several items, including motorcycle helmets that were stored there for the district’s scholarship garage sale fundraiser.

On Jan. 23, officials reported a third break-in at the Burnet High School campus, this time in a facility adjacent to the batting cages.

Suspects stole batting helmets and other baseball equipment and damaged a number of TV monitors.

“We were able to retrieve and locate all the stolen property that was taken during the burglaries,” Nelson said.

“The first tip gave us one person. Then, we started getting other tips with the other names,” he said. “We got confessions from them.”

The suspects face several charges, including burglary of a building and felony criminal mischief.

“It’s very much a troublesome thing for the school district and the county,” Nelson said. “These are kids that need to understand this is not going to be tolerated at all in this community.”


10 Responses to “Police arrest three juveniles in string of Burnet burglaries, vandalism”

  1. Cind. G says:

    I’m so sad. Why do children act this way. Are they emulating the adults, celebrities they see on TV? If they didn’t kill anybody, give them a chance. By gods grace. ..

    • Jess Z says:

      They need to learn that when they do something there is a consequence, because if they don’t they will continue and get worse. The point is to get them to think twice about doing it again.

  2. Kathy says:

    I’m sad too !! But just because they didn’t “kill anyone” REALLY !! These juveniles to learn about what is right and what isn’t !! So I say punish to the full extent that’s given to them.

  3. Rhonda Posey says:

    Can we come to the police station to see if our son’s stolen bat was retrieved? Thanks you!

  4. TGM says:

    This is what happens when parents aren’t allowed to discipline their children with out having CPS or the Police called on them for abuse… Maybe had they been properly disciplined this wouldn’t have happened. Hopefully the teens are the ones punished and not their parents…

  5. Douglas dewain Keith says:

    Now I’ve been on the receiving end of the law and I learned my lesson so I say throw them in juvy or make them do 4 months of community service

  6. Bradley says:

    Speaking as a former juvenile delinquent, from over 20 years ago. Don’t just slap them on the hand. They need to sit in jail, do community service. They have to learn that that will be held accountable for their actions. It only took me once and I knew that I wanted no part of jail life. I am 46 years old now with 2 girls and I am a manager for the company that employs me . Thank the good Lord I was held accountable then or who knows what I would be today!

  7. Al S. says:

    The realization is that a felony on your record could affect where your school is finished, what kind of job you can get, whether you can hold a post in any government agency, or if your community will “forgive” you for what you did. This is something that will follow them for a long time.

    • RB says:

      As far as “following them a long time” affecting a job …
      Juvenile Court records are generally “Sealed”
      A conviction can be “Probated” such that they are on probation, and only if they misbehave does the tougher sentence go into effect.
      It’s like a warning ticket, but if caught again … the hammer drops
      It’s an incentive to behave

      My mom, who had passed away, had planted two trees in my yard, a neighbor’s kids broke one, their mom said “If you break it again, I’ll spank you
      then they broke the other tree,
      their mom said “If you break it again, I’ll spank you… I said they can’t break another tree my mom planted, they already broke them all

      That was 30 years ago, the kid is in prison now i heard…. Eventually someone (Law Enforcement) spanked him.

  8. RB says:

    Another “anecdotal” yet true example:
    I worked for a lawyer in Houston who always bailed out his kids
    His youngest son did drugs and partied and bought a $30,000 car
    His dad always “got rid” of all tickets that should have been on his driving record.
    One morning he wrapped his Sports car around a light pole, his dad paid the city for the pole, etc, but the kid had brain damage, He’s collecting disability, still can’t think a mature thought, and doing his illegal drugs still, … some people never learn… or maybe he enjoys being a 50 year old child who everyone has to take care of, but he also had to do his time in prison after a drug charge a few years back. His dad couldn’t “fix” everything every time.


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