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MARBLE FALLS — While weather forecasters aren’t predicting any precipitation during the frigid overnight temperatures Dec. 8, just in case, here are a few driving tips.

• The Texas Department of Transportation reminds drivers to slow down during inclement and cold weather. Speed limits are based on normal conditions, not winter road conditions.

• Bridges and overpasses tend to freeze before other locations, so drive with caution on them. This also applies to shady stretches of a road.

• If slick roads are a possibility, give yourself extra room between you and the vehicle in front of you. TxDOT recommends at least three car lengths.

• If your vehicle does start sliding, TxDOT states to ease off the gas or brakes and steer in the direction of the skid until you regain traction. Then, straighten out your car.

• If your tires leave the roadway, don’t panic and jerk your steering wheel to get the car back on the road. Instead, slow down and maintain control of your vehicle and slowly ease your way back on the roadway.

Other tips include:

• Check your tires for proper pressure when traveling in cold weather. The colder temperatures can cause the air pressure to decrease.

• Pack extra blankets and/or warm clothes in your vehicle when traveling in case you get stranded.

• If roads are slick or icy, put a bag of cat litter or sand in your vehicle. If you get stuck on ice or snow, the litter or sand can give tires some traction.

• Check road conditions at if going you’re going on a trip.

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