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MARBLE FALLS — They warned us it was coming, and now it’s here.

The lower speed limits on U.S. 281 south of Marble Falls are now in effect.

In October 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation and the city of Marble Falls announced a plan to lower speed limits on U.S. 281 in the southern section of the city stretching to Texas 71. Both entities approved the plan, but it could only be enforced after TxDOT put up new speed limit signs.

The Marble Falls Police Department announced July 14 that those signs are in place and enforcement is underway, though there is a grace period until 7 a.m. Aug. 15.

The ordinance, which the city adopted Oct. 6, 2015, keeps the 35-mph speed limit from north of RR 1431 to just south of Gateway Central on U.S. 281, where it increases to 45 mph until a point just south of Max Starke Dam Road near the Huber Mining Corp. entryway.

At the Huber Mining Corp. vicinity, the speed limit — formerly 70 mph — becomes 55 mph. Then, about 1½ miles north of the Texas 71 interchange, the speed limit is 65 mph.

The changes apply to both north and southbound traffic.

The city had asked TxDOT to look at the speed limits on U.S. 281 due to the increase of traffic and development along the highway. The stretch of U.S. 281 south of Marble Falls until the Texas 71 intersection is within the city limits.

With the new speed limits and signs comes enforcement. But Marble Falls police officers will only issue warnings until Aug. 15 for speeding violations — at the old limits — within the affected area.

5 thoughts on “New speed limits in effect south of Marble Falls as signs go up

  1. The state troopers need to sit and pick off all the truckers (dump and gravel) going north and south who think they are above the law and have never followed the speed limits anyway. I always see them rushing through town trying to make all the greens lights so that they can make it up the hill before the light by Starbucks turns red.

    These guys are inconsiderate and rude. They don’t use blinkers and will move over or pull out on you anytime and anywhere.

  2. Leaving town going south: Amount of reduction is way overkill. Could cause more problems with traffic because no one will pay attention to them anyway. Will simply cram more traffic closer together because the speed is too low for that neck of the highway. Coming north into town is a different story with all the big trucks that come barrelling down the hill toward the bridge.

  3. What is the speed limit south of 71 on US 281? I think I saw a 75 mph sign north bound on 281 at the county line.

      1. There is a 75 mph sign on the southbound lane of 281 that is directly under the 71 over pass.

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