Marble Falls student arrested for threats against teacher and high school




MARBLE FALLS — Authorities charged a Marble Falls High School sophomore for allegedly threatening to stab a teacher and burn down the school.

Marble Falls police arrested Preston Harlow, 17, on May 12 after his mother brought the threats to the attention of school officials. Under Texas law, a person is considered an adult at 17 in criminal matters.

School officials couldn’t comment on the arrest or the student but stated that at no time was student safety at risk and that the police conducted a thorough investigation of the situation.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit sworn out by officer Tim McIntyre, the mother went to the campus to let officials know about two threats her son had made against a teacher. During a May 10 school meeting, the mother said her son threatened to slap a teacher. Then, the next day while at home, her son made a threat to stab the same teacher, the mother told a Marble Falls police officer.

On May 12, the sophomore allegedly became disruptive in school, and campus officials contacted his mother to take him home.

The affidavit stated that, with his mother there at the school, the student “continued with his outbursts, used offensive language and, at one time, violently slammed his hand on a table.”

The mother and the student were in her vehicle getting ready to leave the campus when the mother got back out and told McIntyre her son had threatened to burn down the school, according to the affidavit.

She advised the officer that her son “is very capable of doing this; when he gets angry, he is capable of doing bad things,” according to the affidavit.

The student was arrested and charged with a third-degree felony of making terroristic threats. He was booked into the Burnet County Jail and was still being held as of May 16 in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

14 Responses to “Marble Falls student arrested for threats against teacher and high school”

  1. Kami says:

    Preston is not capable of doing any of these things. I am a senior at Marble Falls and I’ve known him my entire time here. His mother is just trying to get him sent off, last i heard he doesn’t even live with her.

  2. Brandy Hannusch says:

    As a mom to a student there is want to tell that mother THANK YOU!!! I know what you did was hard but it was right. Way to go Mom!!!

  3. Marie Jackson says:

    Mother’s KNOW their children and if she feels he is capable he most likely is.My advice to Kami..REMEMBER COLUMBINE..Everyone thought their bark was worse than their bite.Finally a parent willing to take the first step to avoid a possible tragedy at yet another school.Praying for the Mom and her son to get the help he needs for his anger before he gets in some real trouble.
    Kami if you have A & E tune in and watch the story of a high school boy who made lots of threats and was ignored because he was harmless….He tricked a fellow student into coming out with him so him and a friend could see what it was like to stab someone and watch them die…

  4. Patrick Vinson says:

    Hey Kami, was this before or after he fractured my jaw, losing his temper all the while cussing his mother want me to send you text he sent me after he did it saying he was sorry..he is very capable of doing bad things..I’ve seen it first hand..don’t run your mouth..I’ve known him since I graduated from that high school.. 17 years ago

  5. Kami says:

    My mother has falsely called the cops on me out of spite and i just got out of a abusive household, forgive me if i don’t quite believe in families anymore. But there is always a reason a kid act’s up, even if it seems irrational to you it’s rational to them.
    So why don’t you look at why he acts this way, his past and home life (which is not with his mother) and get him in some therapy.

  6. preston says:

    kami i am out and my did the right thing i was losing my mind and yes i did not mean it but i am also out of control when i am mad and do things like what my uncle said about me fracturing his jaw and after i calm down i regret them but i still do them and to all the mom that i scared or worried i am deeply sorry

  7. preston says:

    Kami ,
    I am out on bail and my mom did the right thing. Yes, I did not mean it, but I was also out of control and I needed help. To all that I scared or worried, I am deeply sorry. Thanks Kami for supporting me.

    • Faith says:

      Hi Preston, You probably don’t remember me but you called me cousin when you were in 5th grade. We found out we were related at daycare. I moved from the area 5 years ago. My dad has a program going on for kids that have been in the same situations you have been in, its called the rod project. We work on old cars,so i thought you might like it,right now we are working on a 1951 Cadillac ambulance. If you would like to come we will be at eds classic in marble falls this Saturday from 8 to 12. My family has been praying for you, im glad to hear you are out cousin.

  8. Faith says:

    We would love to give u a ride, where do u live? Sorry I didn’t respond sooner


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