Granite Shoals police chief on paid administrative leave

Granite Shoals Police Chief J.P. Wilson

Granite Shoals Police Chief J.P. Wilson


GRANITE SHOALS — Granite Shoals Police Chief J.P. Wilson is on paid administrative leave, City Manager Ken Nickel said April 29 but declined to say why.

“I will not comment on personnel,” he said. “He is still a full-time employee. He is being paid with benefits.”

Nickel didn’t specify the duration of the leave.

Wilson has been a member of the department for a little more than 13 years.

During his tenure, Wilson helped transform the agency from basically a city marshal’s office into a respected police department. He helped introduce a more stringent registered sex offender ordinance as well.

In March, Calvin Boyd defeated Wilson in the Burnet County Republican race for the sheriff nomination.

Capt. Gary Boshears has been running the department for the past couple of weeks.

“He is the second in command,” Nickel said. “That’s normal.”

4 thoughts on “Granite Shoals police chief on paid administrative leave

  1. Thank you for this news. However, I’m anxious to know with FOIA in place, couldn’t we find out why he’s on paid administration leave?

    Thank you,

    Kelle Martin

    1. Under the Public Information Act, governmental entities have up to 10 business days to respond to a request. Further, personnel matters (such as employment) are protected from release. Additionally, any open investigations, including those on personnel matters, are also protected.

  2. Wasn’t he involved in a accident on 1431.?. It’s possible by he sustained injuries which may side line him for a short while.

  3. But doesn’t apply if the City is engaged in a cover-up and side agreement to avoid legal action from the employee they received of duty and has since moved out of the area. This stinks and to see the “improved” city of granite shoals engage in this just shows nothing has changed here. Insulting and embarrassing to the citizen’s who deserve to be informed of the truth of their public officials transgressions and resulting punishments. By hiding this and avoiding legal threat of the former cheif, the city is just allowing his problems migrate to some other unexpecting town.

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