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Steve Harris

Age: 47

Education: CAPCOG Police Academy; Paramedic Sciences, Temple Community College; Homeland Security, currently enrolled at Central Texas College

Family: Married; two daughters

Experience: U.S. Army for eight years, paramedic for 19 years, peace officer for two years

Party affiliation: Republican

What do you wish to accomplish?

As your constable, I am going to bring the public servant methods back to this office. When not executing the judgments rendered by the court, or serving civil process, I will be actively patrolling the community. As a member of this community, I understand the desire to work, live and raise a family in a safe community. It is my passion to make sure the citizens are well-informed and can actively participate in the decisions that are made through the constable’s office. This will be done by making myself available to the community while promoting community outreach. The responsibilities and duties of the office will be executed with respect and dignity of the person, and I will treat every issue brought to me as a top priority.

Why are you the most qualified candidate?

My employment with local law enforcement agencies includes experience with community policing, preventive patrols, crime prevention and investigating. Being an Army veteran has instilled in me an appreciation for our country’s founding principles and the importance of promoting justice, peace and freedom in all my endeavors. As a paramedic for a local EMS agency, I have provided medical care and compassion to the local community and have a great sense of responsibility for ensuring citizens have a safe place to live.

Chris Jett

Chris Jett
Chris Jett

Age: 46

Education: Bachelor of Science in criminal justice-law enforcement from Southwest Texas State University; graduate of the Texas Constables Leadership College at the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas at Sam Houston State University

Family: Married; two sons

Experience: 21 years’ experience as a law enforcement officer; 18 of those years have been in Burnet County as a member of the Marble Falls Police Department, the Burnet County Attorney’s Office and as Precinct 4 constable for the last 7½ years.

Party affiliation: Republican

What do you wish to accomplish?

When I first ran for constable in 2008, I promised to be a proactive, working constable. I have fulfilled that promise and will continue to do so. I will continue to utilize emerging technologies in law enforcement to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of my office and to increase public safety. I will continue to frugally utilize my department budget while still providing top-quality service. I will continue to frequently patrol areas of Precinct 4 with low coverage from other law enforcement agencies. I will continue to assist other agencies with calls for service, investigations and any other assistance that I can provide.  

The term “community policing” is being brought up a great deal in this election. Community policing is defined as creating partnerships in the community and utilizing department resources to address problems in the community. This is something I have done my entire career, and especially as constable. When problems or concerns have been brought to my attention, I have been quick to address those issues. I will continue to be available to the community to assist them with any problems they may have.

Why are you the most qualified candidate?

I have 21 years’ experience in law enforcement. This has included being a patrol officer, a field training officer, an investigator and an administrator. I have conducted many successful investigations, including high-profile and sensitive investigations. I have presented cases to the grand jury, which all resulted in felony indictments. I have testified in criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor cases in justice court and municipal court on up to felony cases in district court. I have experience writing policies and procedures, managing a departmental budget and applying for and administering grants. I hold a Master Peace Officer license, which is the highest level the state of Texas awards. I also hold civil process proficiency and police instructor certifications. In addition, I have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, am a graduate of the Texas Constables Leadership College and have over 4,000 hours of law enforcement training.