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Jimmy Ballard

Age: 55

Education: Working toward criminal justice degree; investigative hypnotist; civil process proficiency exam; certified crime prevention specialists; cross-designated customs agent; previous narcotics agent and drug dog handler

Family: Married; two adult children

Experience: Over 34 years of police and security service including the last 23 years with Burnet County and the last 20 as your constable, minus a short time around the year 2000.

Party affiliation: Republican

What do you wish to accomplish?

Since first staring this job in 1995, I have already accomplished quite a bit.

Why are you the most qualified candidate?

As senior constable, the training I have received and my experience makes me far more qualified to to this job without any doubt. I have been able to manage several small businesses at one time without interfering with the other, although I am now cutting back to law enforcement “only.”

James Bryant

James Bryant
James Bryant

Age: 64

Education: I have a master’s degree in management, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, an associate’s degree in applied science and a certificate in criminal justice with peace officer sequence. I have an advanced certification in Okinawan classical martial arts.

Family: Wife; two daughters and one son

Experience: 19 years’ credited service as a school teacher/educator; honorarily retired Marine Corps Reserve major with specialties in artillery, logistics and public affairs; owner/instructor of Okinawan Martial Arts “Ryu Te (TM)” and Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu (TM).

Party affiliation: Republican

What do you wish to accomplish?

I have to perform statutory duties, but I also want to perform more patrol duties. I want to become a full-time resource for the citizens of Burnet County by solving problems; help provide security for major community events like the Bluebonnet Festival and the Oatmeal Fest.

Why are you the most qualified candidate?

All of the candidates have the minimum qualifications for office. However, I am well-rounded from being a retired educator, former Marine Corps major, entrepreneur, petroleum landman, salesman, manager and security.