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Jail magistrate to fill role as Burnet County justice of the peace

Retired Burnet County Judge Donna Klaeger (center) and Burnet County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Lisa Whitehead (right) swear in Roxanne Nelson as the new Burnet County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace on Nov. 1. The Burnet County Commissioners Court appointed Nelson to the position after Calvin Boyd resigned so he could run for Burnet County sheriff. Nelson served as the Burnet County magistrate before her justice of the peace appointment. Courtesy photo


BURNET — Burnet County Commissioners have appointed Roxanne Nelson to fill the unexpired term of former Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Calvin Boyd, who resigned to run for sheriff.

Upon accepting the appointment, Nelson resigned her positions as the magistrate for the Burnet County Jail, the indigent defense coordinator for the county and associate judge for the cities of Burnet and Granite Shoals.

Serving as magistrate/indigent coordinator since 2011, Nelson prepared documents and accepted pleas for class C offenses, handled bond paperwork, assisted inmates with indigent claims and worked with mental health officials for inmate referrals.

The commissioners made the appointment Oct. 27. Nelson was sworn in Nov. 1.

The Precinct 1 justice of the peace term goes through 2018.

8 thoughts on “Jail magistrate to fill role as Burnet County justice of the peace

  1. Notice how little information about the county is coming out since Oakley took over. Lots of secrets to be kept and lots of power to be maintained. Don’t vote for ANY incumbent is my suggestion. Vote all new people in so they won’t be corrupt right away. Pay attention to the Constable 4 election too—Jett is a hothead and a liability….vote for the new guy.

  2. Interesting how there has been NO media coverage of Boyd receiving the jail magistrate position a couple of weeks ago. Remember, Boyd’s supporters have been telling people for months that this is exactly how it would play out. This action was also left off the official minutes of the commissioner’s court. This whole series of events is dirty politics and completely unethical.

    Also, I see Judge Nelson has now filed to run for Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1, remember when another position was open and the commissioner’s court said it was important to appoint someone who would not run for election so they did not get an advantage? If not, here’s a refresher, “Commissioners said they sought an appointee who would not file to run as a candidate for the position, giving he or she an incumbency advantage.” from this web-site. I guess that only applies if they are not doing everything in their power to help Boyd and his supporters when the sheriff’s election.

    Dirty and good ol’ boy politics that I hope everyone notices!

  3. Funny how Boyd has already taken the job at the jail. Wonder how long the good ole boys can keep that hidden? Backward good ole boy mess has got to go.

  4. Well how about that! Calvin Boyd just got the magistrate job. Now he can get a paycheck while he campaigns for Sheriff on the taxpayer dime. This might be legal but it is certainly not ethical and he just lost my vote! Voters need to wake up and vote the whole lot of them out next time…they are screwing the taxpayers and getting rich in the process.

    1. This is sooooo typical. Let’s not vote another puppet into office! We need a sheriff who has ethics since we haven’t had one in over 8 years. Clearly a vote for Calvin Boyd will keep this same old garbage going. We need someone who will stand up to the Burnet County good OL’ boys club and say enough is enough. What kind of commissioners do we have that do this type of dirty wheeling and dealing. Time to vote the whole lot out! Shameful!

  5. Oh so that’s it…..Calvin gets to resign and get the jail job so he can still get paid while he runs. Why go to the expense of advertising the magistrate position if they have already decided? To make it appear that it is fair….yep, good old Burnet County—it’s not what you know–it’s whose palms you have greased and butts you have kissed.

  6. Calvin Boyd’s supporters have been telling people for months that when he resigned to run for sheriff, he would be placed in a position at the jail. Now the jail magistrate position is vacant and the job description changed to require previous experience as a municipal judge or Justice of the Peace. I guess we now know what position Boyd will be handed. This is good ole boy politics at its best and exactly what needs to change about this county. Let’s see if my comment actually gets posted, it wasn’t on the first try.

  7. The rumor for months has been that Calvin Boyd would be given a position at the jail upon resigning to run for sheriff, now the commissioners have rewritten the requirements for the magistrate position to include experience as a Justice of the Peace or municipal court judge. I guess we know what position Boyd will be given now. This is good ole boy politics at its finest and exactly what needs to be changed about this county.

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